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Acceptance of common position Acknowledgement receipt Act Additional opinion Additional own-initiative opinion Administrative procedures Agreement Amended proposal for a decision Amended proposal for a regulation Amendment to an agreement Amendment to common position Annex Announcements Annual report Approved joint text Arrangement Assent Attachment order Balance Budget Call for expression of interest Call for proposals Common position Common strategy Communication concerning the position of the Council Communication Conclusions Consolidated text Contract notice Convention Corrigendum Cover note Decision to review Decision Declaration Delegated decision Delegated directive Delegated regulation Directive Draft budget Draft decision Draft delegated regulation Draft directive Draft implementing decision Draft implementing regulation Draft recommendation Draft regulation Draft resolution Draft supplementary and amending budget Exchange of letters Exchange rate Exploratory opinion Financial regulation Framework decision General guidelines Green Paper Guideline Impact assessment Implementing decision Implementing directive Implementing regulation Information Initiative Interest rate — euro exchange rates Interinstitutional agreement Internal agreement International agreement Joint action Joint communication Joint decision Joint proposal for a decision Joint proposal for a regulation Joint report Joint staff working document Joint text Judgment Judicial information Legislative resolution List Memorandum of understanding Minutes National implementing measures Note Notice to readers Notice Notification Opinion disputing a legal base Opinion not proposing amendment Opinion of the Advocate General Opinion of the Court Opinion on the European Parliament’s amendments Opinion proposing amendment Opinion proposing rejection Opinion with qualified approval Opinion without report Opinion Order Other acts Own-initiative opinion Own-initiative report Own-initiative resolution Position Preparatory act Programme Proposal for a decision without addressee Proposal for a decision Proposal for a directive Proposal for a recommendation Proposal for a regulation Proposal for an act Proposal for an implementing decision Proposal for an implementing regulation Proposal for an opinion Protocol to the agreement Protocol Provisional data Recommendation for a decision Recommendation for a recommendation Recommendation Recruitment Regulation Rejected joint text Rejection of the common position Report Resolution Rules of procedure Special report Staff working document State aid Statement of reasons Statement Statute Summary of impact assessment Summary Supplementary and amending budget Third-party proceedings Treaty View of the Advocate General White Paper Working document Written question

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The legislative database of European documents. In European Union law, a decision is a legal instrument which is binding upon those individuals to which it is addressed. Regulations specifically means a piece of delegated legislation drafted by subject matter experts to enforce a statutory instrument.