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abandoned child abandoned land ABM Agreement abolition of customs duties abortion Abruzzi absenteeism Absolute grounds for refusal - General Absolute grounds for refusal - Signs examined Absolute grounds for refusal abstentionism Abuse of a dominant position abuse of power academic freedom access to a profession Access to documents access to education access to EU information access to information Access to internal competitions access to the courts Accession compensatory amounts Accession Convention of 26 May 1989 accession criteria accession negotiations Accession of new Member States to the Convention Accession of new Member States Accession to agreement accession to an agreement accession to the European Union Accession Accessions accident in the home accident prevention accidental pollution Accidents at work and occupational diseases account Accountancy data network accountant accounting entry accounting system accounting acculturation acid rain acid acidification acoustics ACP countries ACP states and OCT ACP-EU Committee of Ambassadors ACP-EU Convention ACP-EU Council of Ministers ACP-EU institution ACP-EU Joint Assembly ACP-EU Joint Committee ACP-EU relationship Acquisition of distinctive character through use acquisition of property Act adversely affecting the official Act of accession of Austria, Finland and Sweden Act of accession of Bulgaria and Romania Act of accession of Denmark, Ireland and the United Kingdom Act of accession of Greece Act of accession of Spain and Portugal Act of Accession of the Czech Republic, Estonia, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Malta, Poland, Slovenia and Slovakia Action based on the non-contractual liability of the European Union action brought before an administrative court Action brought by a former official or staff member Action brought by an official who has not been promoted Action brought by an unsuccessful candidate action by staff action for annulment of an EC decision action for annulment action for failure to act action for failure to fulfil an obligation Action in favour of countries in transition action programme Action to combat discrimination based on sex, racial or ethnic origin, etc. action to establish liability on the part of an administration Actions based on the non-contractual liability of the Community Actions before the Courts of the European Union Actions directed against national implementing measures Actions establishing liability Actions for annulment Actions for damages Actions for failure to act Actions for failure to fulfil obligations activating price Activities and products concerned Acts of accession before 2004 Acts of accession Acts of general application Acts of the institutions Acts which are of direct concern to them Acts which are of individual concern to them Acts which may be the subject of an action for annulment Acts without binding force ad hoc committee adaptation of financial perspectives Adaptation subsidies for Italian producers adaptation to climate change added value Additional allowance additional benefit additional duty additional resources Additional years of pensionable service adhesive adjournment Adjustment of deductions Adjustment of remuneration adjustment to school Adjustment adjuvant Administration and Staff Regulations administration headquarters administration of the Institutions Administrative and financial procedures of the ESF Administrative appeal procedure administrative autonomy administrative code administrative competition Administrative complaint administrative contract administrative control Administrative cooperation and combating tax fraud administrative cooperation administrative court administrative expenditure (EU) administrative expenditure administrative formalities administrative law administrative measure administrative offence administrative order administrative penalty administrative personnel administrative powers administrative procedure administrative reform administrative responsibility Administrative status administrative structures administrative supervision administrative transparency administrative unit administrator Admissibility and examination of applications, forms of order sought and pleas in law admissibility admission of aliens admission to examinations ADN agreement adopted child adoption law adoption of a child adoption of a law by vote adoption of the budget Adoption procedures ADR agreement Adriatic Sea adult education adult advance payment advance advanced materials advanced technology industry Advancement to a higher step Advantage conferred on an undertaking advertising budget advertising malpractice Advertising slogans advertising advisory committee (EU) advisory power Aegean Islands Aegean Sea aerated drink Aeronautical industry aerosol aerospace industry aesthetic surgery AETR agreement afforestation Afghanistan Africa African Development Bank African organisation African Union African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) Group of States African, Caribbean and Pacific States (ACP) after-sales service age discrimination age of majority ageing of the population Agencies, offices and foundations agency abroad Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators agenda aggravating circumstances Aggravating or extenuating circumstances Aggregation of periods of insurance, employment or residence agrarian law agrarian reform agreement (EU) Agreements and concentrations. Interference with conditions of competition Agreements and concentrations Agreements of jurisdiction - Formal requirements Agreements of jurisdiction - Scope, content and effects Agreements of jurisdiction Agreements of undertakings, decisions by associations of undertakings and concerted practices Agreements on social security Agreements that are incompatible with the common market - examples Agreements that are incompatible with the internal market - examples Agreements with non-member countries Agreements, decisions and concerted practices agri-environmental plan agri-foodstuffs agri-monetary policy agricultural advisory services Agricultural and forestry tractors agricultural area with environmental restrictions agricultural bank agricultural building agricultural by-product agricultural census agricultural cooperative agricultural credit agricultural disaster agricultural economics agricultural education agricultural equipment agricultural expenditure agricultural guidance agricultural holding agricultural implement agricultural insurance agricultural labour force agricultural land agricultural levy agricultural machinery agricultural market agricultural performance agricultural policy Agricultural prices agricultural product nomenclature agricultural product agricultural production policy agricultural production agricultural productivity agricultural quota agricultural real estate agricultural region Agricultural research agricultural sector representative body agricultural situation Agricultural statistics Agricultural structural funds agricultural structure Agricultural structures agricultural surplus agricultural trade agricultural vehicle agricultural waste Agriculture and Fisheries agriculture-industry relationship agriculture-trade relationship Agriculture agro-industrial cropping agro-industry agroforestry agronomic research agronomy Aid compatible with the common market (Art. 87(2) EC) aid evaluation Aid for cultural purposes Aid for environmental purposes Aid for private storage and for the distillation of table wines Aid for projects of European interest or to remedy a serious disturbance in the economy aid for restructuring Aid for skimmed milk Aid for stricken regions Aid for the private storage of butter Aid for the private storage of cheese Aid for the production of durum wheat Aid for training Aid for transport Aid having a social character aid in kind Aid in the agricultural sector aid per hectare aid policy aid programme aid recipient Aid relating to the division of Germany aid system Aid that is compatible with the internal market (Article 107(2) TFEU) Aid that may be considered to be compatible with the internal market (Article 107(3) TFEU) aid to agriculture Aid to developing countries aid to disadvantaged groups aid to disaster victims Aid to employment aid to industry Aid to Latin American and Asian countries Aid to make good the damage caused by natural disasters aid to refugees Aid to shipbuilding Aid to small and medium-sized enterprises Aid to the air transport sector Aid to undertakings in difficulty Aid to undertakings operating in particular sectors Aid to undertakings subject to Article 106 TFEU Aid to undertakings subject to Article 86 EC aid to undertakings Aid which may be considered compatible with the common market (Art. 87(3) EC) AIDS air cabotage air conditioning air freight rate air law Air safety air space air traffic control air traffic air transport aircraft fleet aircraft airline airport Albania Albumens Alcohol alcoholic beverage alcoholism Alentejo algae Algarve Algeria allergy Allocation of jurisdiction among the various Community courts allocation of land allocation of resources allocation of seats allocation of work allowances and expenses Allowances alloy Alpine Region Alsace alternate alternative agricultural production alternative dispute resolution alternative medicine alternative sentence alternative service alternative use of agricultural products aluminium Alytus county amending budget amendment of a law Amendment of the text of the Staff Regulations Amendment of the Treaty Amendment to the form of order sought amendment America American Samoa Amicable settlement before the Civil Service Tribunal Amicable settlement Amnesty International amortisation Amount of aid to be recovered analysis of causes analytical chemistry Ancillary procedures and applications Andalusia Andean Community countries Andean Community Andorra Anglicanism Angola Anguilla anhydride animal breeding animal disease animal experimentation animal fats Animal feedingstuffs Animal health and zootechnics animal health animal leucosis animal life animal nutrition animal oil animal plague animal product animal production animal protein animal resources animal show animal skin animal tuberculosis Animal welfare announcement of candidacy Annual leave annual report Antarctic Ocean Antarctica anthem anti-crisis plan anti-discrimination anti-discriminatory measure Anti-dumping and anti-subsidy measures anti-dumping duty anti-dumping legislation anti-dumping measure Anti-dumping measures anti-European movement anti-missile defence anti-personnel weapon anti-pollution device anti-racist movement anti-semitism anti-subsidy proceeding anti-trust legislation antibiotic antiglobalisation movement Antigua and Barbuda antimony apartheid aperitif apiculture apparatus based on the use of rays Appeal against an order for enforcement - Protective measures Appeal against an order for enforcement - Stay of proceedings, provision of security Appeal against an order for enforcement - Time for appealing Appeal against an order for enforcement appeal to an administrative authority appeal to the Court (EU) appeal to the European Ombudsman appeal Appeals before the Boards of Appeal appeals by private individuals Appeals Applicability of conventions between Contracting States Applicability of the provisions for preliminary rulings under the EC Treaty Applicant acting in bad faith Application for enforcement - Conditions governing the application Application for enforcement - Order for partial enforcement Application for interim measures - suspension of operation of the contested measure and other interim measures Application form application of EU law Application of the Common Customs Tariff application of the law Application of the rules of competition to public undertakings Application ratione temporis Application to migrant workers Applications by Member States or institutions Applications by natural or legal persons Applications by undertakings or their associations applied research applied sciences Appointing authority appointment of members appointment of staff Appointment procedure Appointment apprentice apprenticeship approval of tariffs approval Approximation of certain social provisions Approximation of laws and health measures Approximation of laws and uniform laws approximation of laws approximation of policies Apulia aquaculture aquatic environment aquatic plant Aquitaine Arab Common Market Arab League countries Arab League arable land Aragon arbitrage arbitration clause Arbitration arboriculture archaeology archipelago architectural heritage architecture archives Arctic Ocean Arctic area management Area of freedom, security and justice area of holding Argentina arid zone armed forces Armenia Armenian question arms control arms industry arms limitation arms policy arms supply arms trade aromatic plant arrangement of working time Arrangements covering more than one market organisation arrest art education art trade artificial food colouring artificial insemination artificial intelligence artificial reproduction artist's resale right artistic creation artistic profession arts Aruba asbestos ASEAN countries ASEAN Asia Asian countries assembly line production Assessment criteria Assessment of compatibility with the common market Assessment of compatibility with the internal market Assessment of efficiency assessment of prices Assessment of the administration assessment assistance in training Assistance assistant assisting spouse associated action for damages Associated African States and Madagascar associated country association agreement (EU) association agreement Association Council (EU) Association of Caribbean States association of local authorities Association of Overseas Countries and Territories association Associations associative movement astronomy asylum policy Atlantic Arc Atlantic Ocean atlas atmosphere atmospheric conditions atmospheric pollutant atmospheric pollution atom Attestation and certification Attestation Attica auction sale audio cassette audiovisual co-production audiovisual communications policy audiovisual document audiovisual equipment audiovisual industry audiovisual piracy audiovisual production audiovisual programme audit auditing austerity policy Australia Austria Authorised agreements, exemptions and negative clearances authorised catch authoritarian regime Authority competent to sign a decision automatic game automatic vending machine automation autonomist party autonomous community autonomous movement Autonomous Province of Bolzano Autonomous Province of Trento Autonomous regional action autonomous territories of Palestine autonomy Auvergne auxiliary worker available energy resources available energy average price avian influenza aviation fuel Award of benefits award of contract Award of promotion points axle tax axle weight Azerbaijan Azores baby food Bacau backlog of court cases backwardness at school bad weather Bahamas Bahrain bailiff bakery balance of payments balance sheet balance-of-payments deficit balance-sheet analysis Balearic Islands Bali ballistic missile Baltic Sea Baltic States Bananas Bangladesh bank charges bank deposit Bank for International Settlements bank banking policy banking profession banking secrecy banking supervision banking system banking Bankruptcy, proceedings relating to the winding-up of insolvent companies or other legal persons, judicial arrangements, compositions and analogous proceedings bankruptcy Banks bar Barbados barge barley barring of penalties by limitation barrister barter Basic customs instruments Basic decisions and implementing decisions basic education basic needs basic price Basic provisions basic research Basic salary Basic standards Basilicata Basis of liability basis of tax assessment basket of currencies Basque Country bathing water Bavaria bear bearing Beef and veal beef animal beef beer beet sugar behavioural sciences Belarus Belgium Belgo-Luxembourg Economic Union Belize benchmarking Beneficiaries of the aid to be recovered Benefits for dependent children of pensioners and for orphans Benelux countries Benelux Benin Berlin Bermuda BEUC beverage industry beverage Bhutan bicameral system Bihor bilateral agreement Bilateral agreements with non-member countries bilateral aid Bilateral questions bilateral relations bilingualism Binding nature of the competition rules and measures taken by Member States, direct effect Binding nature of time-limits for implementation bio-ethics bio-industry biochemistry biodegradability biodiversity bioenergy biofuel biogas biography biological standard biological weapon biology biomass biomaterials biometrics bioprocess biosphere biotechnology biotope bird birth control birth policy births biscuit factory bituminous materials Black Sea Blagoevgrad region blood disease blood transfusion blue-collar worker blue-veined cheese board of directors Bodies governed by public law Bodies set up under the Staff Regulations boiler Bolivia bolt and screw industry Bonaire, Saint Eustatius and Saba Bonaire bond bonded wood boned meat bonus payment book trade bookshop Border checks, asylum and immigration Border checks border control border war boreal forest Borneo borrowing Bosnia and Herzegovina botany Botswana bottled wine bottling bracket rate brain drain branch of activity branch brand name Brandenburg Brasov Bratislava region Brazil breach of domicile breach of trust bread-making bread breadwinner breeder reactor breeding animal Bremen brick bridge Bringing matters before the Commission British Virgin Islands Brittany broadcast videography broadcasting broker bromine browser brucellosis Brunei Brussels Convention of 27 September 1968 - Enforcement Brussels Convention of 27 September 1968 - Jurisdiction Brussels Convention of 27 September 1968 Brussels region BSE bovine spongiform encephalopathy Bucharest — Ilfov buckwheat Buddhism Buddhist budget appropriation budget authorisation budget deficit budget estimate budget financing budget policy Budget budgetary amendment budgetary assessment budgetary classification budgetary control budgetary cooperation budgetary discharge budgetary discipline (EU) budgetary equilibrium budgetary expenditure budgetary power Budgetary principles and rules budgetary procedure budgetary reserve (EU) budgetary resources Budgetary rules budgetary specification budgetary stabiliser buffalo meat buffer stock building industry building insulation building materials building permit building plot building regulations building safety building services building slab building speculation building subsidy building technique building built-up area bulb vegetable Bulgaria bulk product bull bureau of parliament Bureau of the EP Burgenland Burgundy Burkina Faso Burma,Myanmar Burundi bus Business activities business activity business administration business data processing business lease business location business management business morals business name business park business policy Business procedures business start-up business tax BusinessEurope butane butter oil butter buying group by-catch by-product cable distribution cable transport cadmium Calabria Calarasi calcium Calculation of benefits - Provisions against overlapping Calculation calf Cambodia Cameroon Campania camping vehicle camping Canada Canary Islands cancer candidate cane sugar cannery canon law Cantabria Capacity as reporting officer capacity to contract capacity to exercise rights Cape Verde capital city Capital contribution capital depreciation capital gains tax capital goods capital increase capital market capital movement capital transfer tax capital transfer Caras-Severin carbon capture and storage carbon carcase carcinogenic substance cardiovascular disease care allowance care for the elderly care of mothers and infants care of the disabled cargo vessel Caribbean Islands Caricom countries Carinthia carpet carriage for hire or reward carriage of goods carriage of passengers carrier carry-over of appropriations carrying capacity carrying out of sentence cartel cartography case law (EU) case study case-law Cases where applied cash flow Caspian Sea cassava cast-iron Castile-La Mancha Castile-Leon castor bean casual employment catalogue cataloguing Catalonia catch area catch by species catch of fish catch quota Catch quotas and management of stocks Categories of competence catering industry catering profession catering Catholicism cattle Caucasus countries Causal link Cayman Islands CCT - derogations CCT - franchise CCT duties cease-fire Cedefop CEFTA countries cellulose cement cemetery Cenelec censorship census Central Africa Central African Economic and Monetary Community Central African Republic Central America and Latin America Central America Central American Common Market Central and Eastern European Countries Central Asia central bank Central Commission for Navigation on the Rhine central government Central Greece Central Hungary Central Macedonia Central Portugal central rate Central Slovenia Central Transdanubia centralisation of information Centre (France) Centre for the Development of Enterprise CEPT ceramics cereal flakes cereal flour cereal product cereal substitute cereal-growing cereals of bread-making quality cereals CERN certificate of origin Certification cervidae cessation of farming cessation of trading Ceuta and Melilla Ceuta CFSP Chad chain store challenge chamber of commerce and industry Champagne-Ardenne champagne Change of category or service change of job change of political system Channel Islands chaptalisation charcoal charge having equivalent effect charge Chargeable event, chargeability and collection of VAT charges for use of infrastructure Charges having an equivalent effect Charges having equivalent effect Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union Charter of Fundamental Rights charter on human rights chartering Chechen question cheese factory cheese chemical accident chemical alcohol chemical compound chemical element chemical fertiliser chemical industry chemical pollution chemical process chemical product chemical salt chemical waste chemical weapon Chemicals (REACH) Chemicals, industrial risk and biotechnology chemistry cheque child care child labour child of migrant child pornography child protection child children's library children's rights Chile China chlorine Choice of methods Choice of procedure choice of technology Christian Christianity chromium chronic illness church-State relations church cider cif price cindynics cinema CIS countries citizen-authority relations citizens' Europe Citizenship of the Union citrus fruit civics Civil and commercial matters civil aviation civil bankruptcy civil code civil defence civil disobedience civil engineering civil law civil liability proceedings civil liability civil procedure civil proceedings civil protection civil register civil rights civil servant civil servants’ union Civil Service Tribunal civil service civil society civil status civil union civil war civilian personnel civilian victim civilisation claim clandestine worker Classification of Wines classification clean technology cleaning industry clearing agreement clearing of land clergy climate change policy climate change climate climatology clock and watch industry cloning Closer cooperation closing of accounts clothing industry clothing clover Cluj co-determination co-financing co-insurance Co-responsibility levy and additional levy on milk Co-responsibility levy coal by-products industry coal industry coal mining coal processing Coal products Coal coalmining policy coastal pollution coastal protection coastal region cobalt cocoa Code of conduct for liner conferences code of conduct codecision procedure codification of EU law coding coffee cohabitation Cohesion Fund Coke cold store collective activities collective agreement collective bargaining collective dismissal collective interest Collective marks collectivism Colombia colonialism Colouring matters combat vehicle Combined Nomenclature combined transport combustion gases Comecon countries Comecon comitology commemoration commercial arbitration commercial bank commercial code commercial contract commercial court commercial education commercial farming commercial law commercial media Commercial policy commercial transaction commercial vehicle commission agent Commission decision following a preliminary review or proceeding to the formal investigation procedure Commission decision following a preliminary review or proceeding to the main review Commission decision following the formal investigation procedure Commission Delegation Commission discretion Commission commitment of expenditure Commitments committee (EU) committee of inquiry Committee of the Regions committee report commodities exchange commodities market commodity agreement commodity price Common agricultural policy mechanisms common agricultural policy common commercial policy Common customs tariff - temporary importation common customs tariff Common customs territory Common definition used in non-preferential traffic Common export arrangements common fisheries policy Common flat-rate scheme for farmers Common foreign and security policy (CFSP) Common foreign and security policy Common Frame of Reference common fund Common import arrangements common land common market Common organisation of agricultural markets common organisation of markets Common organisation of the markets Common organization of the markets - principles and mechanisms Common organizations and intervention by the Member States common ports policy common position common price policy common strategy Common structural policy common tariff policy common transport policy common wheat Commonwealth of Independent States Commonwealth Communication of information communications industry communications policy communications profession communications systems Communism Communist Party Community acquis Community body Community budget Community certification Community Charter of the Fundamental Social Rights of Workers Community designs Community dimension of a concentration Community driving licence community facilities Community fisheries Community law and international law Community law and national law on competition Community law and national law Community loan Community method Community migration Community of Madrid Community of Valencia Community Plant Variety Office Community preference Community procedures for the authorization and supervision of medicinal products Community regulation of trade with non-member countries Community rules Community stock Community support framework Community tax Community trade mark Community transit systems Community transit Community trunk route commuting Comoros company buyout company constituted under civil law company growth company in difficulties Company law company management company member company modernisation company research company structure company with share capital comparative advertising comparative analysis comparative education comparative law comparative study Compensation for the costs connected with a public service mission Compensation compensatory financing competence of the institution competence of the Member States Competences of the Member States and of the institutions competition (EU) Competition - prices and other conditions of sale Competition - rates and other conditions of sale competition law competition policy Competition principles Competition rules competition Competitions competitiveness complaint to the Commission Complaint Compliance with the principle of equal treatment Compliance with time-limits composite materials composition of a parliamentary committee composition of parliament composition of the population composition compulsory education compulsory expenditure compulsory insurance Compulsory purchase of skimmed-milk powder computer applications computer assisted design computer assisted manufacturing computer centre computer crime computer equipment computer network computer piracy computer system computer systems computer terminal computer virus computer concentrated milk concentrated product concentration of powers concentration of the population Concentrations between undertakings Concentrations Concept and criteria for assessment Concept of restrictive measures Concept of value added tax and other similar taxes Concept concerted economic action Concerted practices concessionaire conciliation procedure (part of codecision procedure) conciliation procedure concrete condiment conditional discharge Conditions for admission Conditions for exemption Conditions for granting Conditions for success and drawing up of the list of successful candidates Conditions of admissibility Conditions of Employment of Other Servants of the European Communities Conditions of employment of other servants of the European Union Conditions of employment prior to the EEC,EAEC,EC Regulations Conditions subject to which expenditure is borne by the EAGGF Conduct befitting an official's position Conduct of competitions confectionery product confectionery Conference on Disarmament in Europe conference proceedings Conferring of powers confidence motion Confidential treatment of information communicated to the Court confidentiality Confirmatory act Confirmatory acts confiscation of property conflict of interest conflict of jurisdiction conflict of powers conflict prevention Conflicts of laws congenital disease conglomerate Congo conifer Conjunctural policy and balance of payments Conjunctural policy Connacht conscience clause conscientious objection consent procedure Conservation and management of the biological resources of the sea conservation of fish stocks conservation of marine biological resources conservation of resources Conservation of wild fauna and flora Consideration of applications consolidated account consolidation of EU law consortium constitution constitutional court constitutional law constitutional revision construction costs construction equipment construction policy consulate consultancy consultation of information Consultation procedure consumer behaviour consumer credit consumer demand consumer goods Consumer information, education and representation consumer information consumer motivation consumer movement consumer policy consumer price Consumer protection consumer society consumer survey consumer Consumers consumption expenditure consumption container contemporary history contiguous zone continental shelf continuing education continuing vocational training contraception contract farming contract of carriage contract staff contract terms contract contractual liability control of communications control of constitutionality control of restrictive practices control of State aid Controls of wine planting Convention implementing the Schengen Agreement Convention on jurisdiction and the enforcement of judgments Convention on the law applicable to contractual obligations conventional weapon Conventions in relation to particular matters Conventions with non-member countries convergence criteria Conversion of currencies conversion rate conversion to beef production Cook Islands cooperation agreement (EU) cooperation agreement cooperation in home affairs cooperation in the field of education Cooperation of the competent authorities and investigation of claims cooperation on agriculture cooperation policy cooperation procedure Cooperation with international and non-governmental organisations Cooperation cooperative bank cooperative Coordination and investment coordination of aid Coordination of company law - European Economic Interest Grouping Coordination of economic policies coordination of EMU policies coordination of financing Coordination of structural instruments copper Copyright and related rights copyright CoR opinion Coreper Cork corporate finance corporate governance corporate social responsibility corporation tax corporatism corpus juris (EU) Correspondence between the action and the complaint correspondence corruption Corsica COSAC cosmetic product cosmetics industry Cosmetics cost analysis cost of borrowing cost of capital cost of living cost of pollution cost price cost-benefit analysis cost-effectiveness analysis COST Costa Rica costing Costs Cotonou Agreement cotton Council configuration Council of Europe countries Council of Europe fund Council of Europe Council of Ministers Council of the European Union Council Counter-claim counterfeiting countertrade countervailing charge Countervailing duties Countries benefiting from the system of generalised preferences Countries in transition countries of the Pacific Community Countries outside Europe country road countryside conservation county court of arbitration Court of Auditors court of civil jurisdiction Court of Justice (EU) Court of Justice of the European Union Court of Justice courts and tribunals Courts which may request preliminary rulings Covasna cow cows’ milk cheese craft business craft production cream creation of nuclear-free zones credit control credit guarantee credit institution credit insurance credit policy credit purchase credit sale credit transfer credit union credit Crete crew crime against humanity crime against individuals crime against property crime criminal court criminal investigation department criminal law criminal liability criminal negligence criminal procedure criminal proceedings criminal record criminal responsibility of minors Criteria for establishing the existence of a dominant position Croatia crop losses crop maintenance crop production crop rotation crop yield Cross-appeal cross-border cooperation cross-channel connection cross-frontier data flow Crossing external borders Crossing of external borders crude oil cruel and degrading treatment crustacean farming crustacean cryptography Cuba cultivation system cultivation techniques cultural cooperation cultural difference cultural event cultural exception cultural heritage cultural identity cultural object cultural organisation cultural pluralism cultural policy cultural prize cultural promotion cultural relations cultural tourism Cultural, religious and linguistic diversity culture industry culture Cumulative multi-stage tax cumulative pension entitlement currency adjustment currency area currency convertibility Currency in which remuneration paid custody customary law customers customs and traditions customs cooperation Customs debt inception, exigibility and extinction customs debt customs document customs drawback Customs duties - authorisation to defer application of CCT Customs duties - Community tariff quotas Customs duties - national tariff quotas Customs duties - speed-up decisions Customs duties - suspensions customs duties customs formalities customs fraud customs harmonisation customs inspection customs procedure suspending duties Customs procedures customs profession customs regulations customs tariff Customs tariffs customs territory (EU) customs transit Customs Union and free movement of goods Customs union customs valuation customs warehouse customs cycle and motorcycle industry cycle track cyclical fluctuation cyclical unemployment cyclone Cyprus cytology Czech Republic Czechoslovakia dairy cow dairy farm dairy ice cream dairy industry dairy production Dalarna county Damage for which compensation is payable Damage to competition and effect on trade damage damages dangerous substance Dangerous substances data collection data processing Data protection data recording data transmission data-processing law database management system database De minimis aid deadline for payment dealer death grant death penalty death debt reduction debt decentralisation deciduous tree decision (EU) Decision finding no aid Decision following a preliminary review or proceeding to the inter partes stage Decision not to raise objections Decision of the Commission Decision rejecting a prior administrative complaint Decision to initiate a formal investigation procedure Decision to reject decision-making body decision-making decision Decisions concerning reassignment or transfer Decisions of the competition selection board Decisions on grading, reinstatement or allocation of tasks Decisions on medical matters Decisions on promotion Decisions on the retirement pension Decisions relating to emoluments Decisions relating to temporary staff contracts Decisions relating to the obligation of the administration to assist officials Decisions taken in a selection or recruitment procedure Decisions taken in disciplinary proceedings Decisions which may be the subject of an appeal Decisions declaration of Community interest declining industrial region decolonisation decommissioning of power stations decontamination decorative item decree deduction at source Deductions and refunds deep-frozen product deep-sea fishing deepening of the European Union defamation defective product defence budget defence expenditure defence policy defence statistics Defences Definition of abuse Definition of acts of the institutions Definition of aid Definition of competition Definition of concentration Definition of court or tribunal of a Member State Definition of declarant Definition of internal taxation Definition of the institution's position Definition of undertaking Definition Definitions defoliation deforestation degradation of the environment degree of pollution dehydration delegated decision delegated legislation delegated regulation delegation of power Delegation delinquency delivered price delivery demerger democracy democratic deficit Democratic Party Democratic principles Democratic Republic of the Congo democratisation of education democratisation demographic analysis demography demotion Denaturing for animal feed Denaturing premiums for common wheat denaturing Denmark denominational education dental medicine dentist department (France) dependant dependence of elderly persons Dependent child allowance dependent territory depopulation deportation deportee deposit money deposit on a polluting product Deposit systems deprivation of rights deprived urban area Deputy Speaker of Parliament deregulation derogation from EU law Derogations descendant Description and presentation of wines Descriptive marks desertification desiccated product designated employment designation of origin designs and models Designs destination of transport destruction of crops Detailed rules governing the exercise of the right of entry and of residence detention before trial Determination of the relevant market Determination of the value of goods Determining the amount of the fine deterrent devaluation developing countries development aid Development Assistance Committee development bank Development cooperation development plan development policy development potential development region development worker devolution diabetes dictatorship dictionary of abbreviations dictionary diesel engine diesel fuel dietary product diffusion of innovations digital archiving digital divide digital literacy digital technology digitisation diploma diplomatic immunity diplomatic profession diplomatic protection diplomatic protocol diplomatic relations diplomatic representation direct applicability direct cost Direct effect of the final sentence of Article 108(3) TFEU and role of national courts Direct effect, primacy and uniform application of EU law Direct effect, primacy and uniform application of the Community law Direct effect Direct instruments of monetary policy direct investment direct selling direct tax Direct taxation directive (EU) directive Directives concerning approximation of law Directives directly-elected chamber directory disability insurance disabled person disaffection of young people disarmament disaster area disc drive discarded fish Disciplinary action Disciplinary Board Disciplinary measures disciplinary proceedings Disclosure of inculpatory evidence disclosure of information discount sale discount store discounting Discretion of the administration Discretion of the reporting officer discretionary power discrimination based on disability discrimination on the basis of nationality discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation discriminatory price disease of the nervous system disease prevention disease vector disinformation Dismissal or termination of contract dismissal display Dispute before the national court Dispute Settlement Body dissemination of culture dissemination of EU information Dissemination of information Dissemination of knowledge dissidence distance learning distance selling distillation distribution business distribution by age distribution by sex distribution cost distribution of aid distribution of EU funding distribution of income distribution of production distribution of schools distribution of the tax burden distribution of votes distribution of wealth distributive trades distributor diversification of exports dividing up of land division into constituencies Division of jurisdiction between the various courts of the European Union Division of powers between the Commission and the authorities of the Member States Division of powers between the Commission and the national authorities division of powers division of property divorce divorced person Djibouti DNA Dobrich region doctor document acquisition document for discussion at a sitting document indexing document management document retrieval document storage document documentary reference recording documentation centre documentation Documents in the file Documents Doha Round domestic animal domestic consumption Domestic market domestic policy domestic product domestic trade domestic violence domestic waste dominant position Dominant positions Dominica Dominican Republic donation door-to-door selling double taxation downloading draft budget (EU) draft budget drafting of EU law drainage drawing up of the budget drawing up of the EU budget dredging Drenthe Dried fodder dried product drilling equipment drilling drinking milk drinking water drivers driving instruction driving licence driving mechanism driving period dropout drought drug addiction drug surveillance drug traffic drugs classification Dry fodder dual nationality dual-use good dual-use technology dumping of waste dumping durable goods Duration, renewal, alteration and division of marks durum wheat dust duties of civil servants Duty of confidentiality Duty of loyalty duty-free sale dyestuff dyestuffs industry EAC countries EAEC Decision EAEC Joint Undertaking EAEC recommendation EAEC Regulation EAEC Treaty EAEC EAFRD EAGF EAGGF (Guarantee Section) EAGGF (Guidance Section) EAGGF Guarantee Section EAGGF Guidance Section EAGGF Earlier trade mark which has a reputation early childhood early election early fruit and vegetables Early retirement without reduction of pension early retirement earth sciences earthquake earths and stones easement East Africa East African Community East Middle Sweden East Midlands East of England East Timor East-West trade Eastern Bloc countries Eastern Europe Eastern Finland Eastern Macedonia and Thrace eating habits EBRD EC Accession Treaty EC action to establish liability EC conformity marking EC Decision EC Directive EC opinion EC recommendation EC Regulation ECHO eco-label Ecofin ecological balance ecological tourism ecologism ecology movement ecology econometrics economic accounts for agriculture Economic activity economic aggregate economic agreement economic aid economic analysis Economic and commercial law Economic and monetary policy and free movement of capital Economic and monetary policy Economic and monetary union Economic and social cohesion fund economic and social cohesion Economic and Social Committee Economic Community of West African States economic concentration economic conditions economic consequence economic convergence economic conversion economic cooperation Economic customs arrangements economic cycle economic development economic discrimination economic disparity economic fluctuation economic forecasting economic geography economic growth economic independence economic indicator economic infrastructure economic instrument for the environment economic integration economic intelligence economic interdependence Economic Interest Grouping economic liberalism economic model economic offence economic planning economic policy economic priority economic recession economic reconstruction economic recovery economic reform economic region economic relations economic resources economic rights economic sanctions economic sector economic situation economic stabilisation economic stagnation economic statistics economic structure economic support economic survey economic system economic transition economic union economic value economic, financial and technical cooperation with third countries economic, social and territorial cohesion economics economy Ecosoc ecosystem ECSC aid ECSC Conditions of Employment prior to the Staff Regulations ECSC Consultative Committee ECSC general Decision ECSC individual Decision ECSC levy ECSC loan ECSC matters ECSC operating budget ECSC opinion ECSC provisions ECSC recommendation ECSC Staff Regulations ECSC Treaty ECSC unified common tariff ECSC unified tariff ECSC Ecu Ecuador EDF Education allowance Education and training Education and vocational training education budget education costs education grant education of foreigners education policy education statistics Education, vocational training and youth education educational administration educational exchange educational guidance educational institution educational planning educational reform educational system EEA Council EEA Joint Committee EEA Joint Consultative Committee EEA joint institution EEA joint parliamentary committee EEC Treaty EEC,EAEC Conditions of Employment prior to the Staff Regulations Effect of criminal proceedings Effect of other instruments concerning the protection of fundamental rights (excluding ECHR) Effect of the outcome of the action for annulment Effect on trade between Member States Effects of a declaration that a measure is void Effects of a judgment annulling a measure Effects of a mark Effects of a preliminary ruling Effects of an annulling judgment Effects of judgments determining validity Effects of judgments providing an interpretation Effects of nullity Effects of the judgment Effects, scope and limits Effects. Scope and limits EFICS EFTA countries EFTA Court EFTA egg product egg Eggs - poultry Eggs and poultry Eggs Egypt EIB loan El Salvador elderly person election campaign publicity election campaign election financing election monitoring election programme election result election elective office electoral fraud electoral law electoral reform electoral register electoral system electorate electric cable electric machinery electric vehicle electrical energy electrical engineering electrical equipment electrical industry Electrical material electrical process electricity storage device electricity supply Electricity electro-magnetic equipment electrochemistry electromagnetic interference electronic banking electronic commerce electronic component Electronic data processing electronic device electronic document management electronic document electronic equipment electronic funds transfer electronic government electronic mail electronic publishing electronic signature electronic voting electronic waste electronics industry electronics electrotechnology eligibility criteria eligible region Elimination of barriers to trade Elimination of candidates Elimination of double taxation elimination of illiteracy Elimination of internal border controls emancipation embassy embryo and foetus emergency aid emergency medical treatment emigration Emilia-Romagna emission allowance emission trading Emoluments Employer's obligations employer employers' confederation employers' organisation employment aid Employment and unemployment Employment Committee (EU) Employment in the public service Employment incentives employment policy Employment protection and protection of employees in the event of the insolvency of their employer employment service employment statistics employment structure Employment EMS exchange-rate mechanism encyclopaedia endemic disease endocrine disease energy audit energy consumption energy conversion energy cooperation energy crisis energy crop energy demand energy distribution energy diversification energy efficiency energy grid energy industry energy law energy policy energy production energy recovery energy research energy resources energy saving energy site energy storage energy supply energy technology energy transport energy use energy-generating product Energy Enforcement - Production of documents Enforcement of authentic instruments enforcement of ruling Enforcement engine engineer engineering structure England English Channel enhanced cooperation enlargement of an international organisation enlargement of the Union entrepreneur entrepreneurship Environment, consumers and health protection Environment, sustainable development and climate Environment environmental cooperation environmental economics environmental education environmental impact environmental law environmental liability environmental monitoring environmental offence environmental policy environmental protection environmental research environmental standard environmental statistics environmental tax enzyme EP assent EP Committee EP delegation EP opinion EP resolution epidemic epidemiology Epirus EPSO equal pay Equal treatment and non-discrimination equal treatment Equality and non-discrimination equality before the law equality between men and women Equality for men and women Equatorial Guinea equidae equipment cost equivalence of diplomas ERDF operations ergonomics Eritrea erosion ESC opinion ESDP espionage essential oil established right establishment of peace establishment Estonia estuary ethanol ethics Ethiopia ethnic cleansing ethnic conflict ethnic discrimination ethnic group ethnology ETSI EU Accession Treaty EU act EU action EU activity EU agricultural market EU agriculture committee EU aid EU body for police and judicial cooperation EU body EU borrowing EU budget EU Charter of Fundamental Rights EU competence EU competition policy EU control EU Council committee EU Council Presidency EU customs procedure EU emission allowance EU Emissions Trading Scheme EU employment policy EU environmental policy EU expenditure EU financial instrument EU financing arrangements EU financing EU industrial policy EU initiative EU institution EU investment EU law - international law EU law - national law EU law and international law EU law and national law EU law EU legal system EU loan EU market EU Member State EU migration policy EU Military Committee EU military mission EU Military Staff EU national EU office or agency EU Official Journal EU police cooperation EU police mission EU policy - national policy EU policy EU production EU programme EU publication EU regional policy EU relations EU research policy EU situation EU sponsorship EU statistics EU waters EU-NATO cooperation eugenics Eur Foundation Improvement of Living and Working Conditions Euratom loan Euratom matters Euratom Supply Agency Eureka EURES Euribor euro area Euro-Arab cooperation Euro Eurobond Eurocommunism Eurocontrol Eurocorps Eurocurrency Eurofound Eurogroup (euro area) Eurogroup (NATO) Eurojust and European Public Proscecutor's Office Eurojust Euromarket Europe European accounting system European Agency for Reconstruction European Agency for Safety and Health at Work European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development European Agricultural Guarantee Fund European Agricultural Guidance and Guarantee Fund (EAGGF) European agricultural model European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) European Anti-fraud Office European arms policy European arrest warrant European Association Agreement European Association for Cooperation European association European Asylum Support Office European Atomic Energy Community European Atomic Energy Society European audiovisual area European Aviation Safety Agency European Bank for Reconstruction and Development European Barge Union European Broadcasting Union European Central Bank (ECB) European Central Bank opinion European Central Bank European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control European Centre of Enterprises with Public Participation European charter European Chemicals Agency European citizenship European Civil Aviation Conference European civil service European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC) European Coal and Steel Community European Commission European Commissioner European Committee for Standardisation European Communities European Community (EEC,EC) European Community's integrated tariff (TARIC) European Community European company European Conference of Ministers of Transport European conference European Constitution European Consumer Centres Network European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms European Convention on Human Rights European convention European cooperation European cooperative European Council European countries European Court of Auditors European Court of Human Rights European cultural event European currency European Data Protection Supervisor European Defence Agency European defence policy European Development Fund (EDF) European driving licence European Economic and Social Committee European Economic Area European Economic Interest Grouping European election European electoral system European Employment Strategy European Energy Charter European Enforcement Order European Environment Agency European External Action Service European Fisheries Control Agency European fisheries fund European Food Safety Authority European forestry policy European Free Trade Association (EFTA) European Globalisation Adjustment Fund European GNSS Agency European growth initiative European identity European industrial area European Institute for Gender Equality European Institute of Innovation and Technology European integration European Investment Bank (EIB) European Investment Bank European Investment Fund European Joint Undertaking European language European legal area European legal status European Maritime Safety Agency European Medicines Agency European Monetary Agreement European Monetary Cooperation Fund European Monetary Fund European Monetary Institute European Monetary System European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction European Movement European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument European neighbourhood policy European Network and Information Security Agency European official European ombudsman European order for payment procedure European organisation European Parliament European party European passport European Patent Office European patent European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO) European Police College European political cooperation European Political Union European Railway Agency European Region European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) European Regional Development Fund European school European security European social area European Social Charter European Social Fund (ESF) European Social Fund European social policy European Space Agency European standard European standardisation body European symbol European system of central banks European tax cooperation European television European Trade Union Confederation European Trade Union Institute European trademark European Training Foundation European treaties European undertaking European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights European Union Institute for Security Studies European Union membership European Union Satellite Centre European Union European University Institute European Works Council europeanisation Europol euroscepticism Eurostat Eurydice euthanasia eutrophication evacuation of the population evaluation method evaluation of resources evidence Ex post regularisation of an inadequate statement of reasons ex-serviceman Examination as to jurisdiction and admissibility - Defendant not entering an appearance Examination as to jurisdiction and admissibility - Exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of another contracting state Examination by the Commission Examination of the application for registration Examination of the facts by the Office of its own motion examination Examples of abuse Exceptional legal remedies Exceptions to the prohibition of aid exchange control exchange of publications exchange parity exchange policy exchange rate exchange restriction exchange transaction exchange-rate mechanism Excise duties excise duty Excluded cases exclusion from public-sector employment exclusion from treatment (EU) Exclusive agreements exclusive distribution agreement exclusive economic zone Exclusive jurisdiction Exclusive nature of the role of the national court in making the reference exclusive purchasing agreement executive agency executive body executive competence executive power executive Exemption for various types of product exemption from customs duties Exemption from import duties exemption from restrictive-practice authorisation Exemption from the prohibition Exemptions allowed to travellers Exemptions for certain activities in the public interest Exemptions for intra-Community transactions Exemptions for other activities Exemptions on importation and exportation Exemptions exhaustion of resources Existing aid and new aid expansion card expatriate worker Expatriation and foreign residence allowances expenditure experiment on humans expert's report ordered by a court exploitation of resources exploitation of the sea-bed exploitation of the seas explosive export (EU) export aid export credit insurance export credit export customs procedure export financing Export guarantees and financing export industry export levy export licence export monitoring export of capital export of waste export policy export price Export procedures export refund Export refunds export restriction export revenue export subsidy export tax export Exports expressway expropriation expulsion from housing Extension or renewal of agreements with State-trading countries extensive farming external action by the Union external border of the EU external competence (EU) external debt External policy External relations concerning fisheries External relations extra-atmospheric space Extra-Community trade - EFTA agreements extra-EU trade extra-territoriality extraction of oil extradition extraterritorial jurisdiction Extremadura extreme left extreme right extremism extremist party eye disease facilities for the disabled facsimile fact-finding mission Faeroe Islands Fair and just working conditions fair trade Falkland Islands fallow Family allowances family benefit Family benefits and family allowances for employed and unemployed persons family business family by marriage family farming family law family migration family planning family policy family protection family solidarity family worker family fancy leather goods and glove-making industry FAO Far East farm accountancy data network farm animal farm development plan farm household farm income farm lease farm modernisation farm price support farm prices farm rent farm return farmer farmers' income farmers' movement farming project farming sector farming system Fascism fats fattening feasibility study federalism Federated States of Micronesia Federation State female migrant female unemployment female work female worker fermented milk ferro-alloy ferrous metal ferryboat fertiliser industry fertiliser Fertilisers fertility Field of application of the Charter (Article 51(1) and (2) of the Charter of Fundamental Rights) field research FIFG fight against crime fight against insects fight against unemployment fight against wastage fighter aircraft Figurative marks applied for Figurative marks Fiji film industry film production final consumption finance act financial accounting financial agreement financial aid financial analysis Financial and budgetary provisions Financial and economic Aid financial autonomy financial compensation of an agreement Financial control financial cooperation financial equalisation financial institution financial instrument financial interests of members financial intervention financial legislation financial loss financial management financial market financial occupation Financial penalties in cases of failure to comply with the judgment financial perspectives financial planning financial policy financial protocol Financial provisions ECSC Financial provisions financial regulation financial requirements financial services financial situation financial solvency financial statistics Financial support financial transaction financial year financing level financing method financing of aid financing of the EU budget financing plan financing policy Financing fine arts fine Fines for infringements of the quota rules Fines for infringements of the rules on prices Fines Finland fire protection fire firearms and munitions fireworks firm governed by commercial law first aid first job first stage of EMU fiscal court fiscal policy fish disease fish farming fish oil fish product fish Fisheries policy fisheries structure Fisheries fisherman fishery management fishery produce fishery product fishery research fishery resources fishing agreement fishing area fishing controls fishing fleet fishing grounds fishing industry fishing licence fishing net fishing permit fishing port fishing regulations fishing rights fishing season fishing statistics fishing vessel Fixed-term work Fixing of compensatory amounts fixing of prices flag of convenience flag Flags, vessel registration Flanders (Belgium) flat product flat-rate tax flavoured wine flavouring Flax and hemp flax Flemish Community Flevoland flexible working hours floating rate flood floor coverings floriculture flour milling Flowers and live plants fluctuation margin fluorine fodder beet fodder cereals fodder plant fodder-growing fodder food additive Food aid Food and Veterinary Office food cereals food chemistry food colouring food consumption food contamination food emulsifier food expenditure food fat food hygiene food industry food inspection food poisoning food policy food preserving food price food processing food production food resources food safety food shortage food standard food substitute food supplement food technology foodstuff foodstuffs legislation Foodstuffs foot-and-mouth disease footwear industry For the recovery of claims in customs or agriculture Force majeure force reduction forced disappearance forced marriage forced migration forces abroad foreign aid foreign capital foreign currency foreign enterprise foreign exchange market foreign investment foreign language foreign market foreign national foreign policy Foreign residence allowance foreign student foreign tourism foreign trade foreign-exchange reserves forensic medicine forest certification forest conservation forest plantation forest ranger forest forestry development forestry economics forestry group forestry holding forestry legislation forestry policy forestry property forestry research forestry statistics Forestry Forests and forestry forgery of documents Form of disciplinary measure Form of order sought form Formal investigation procedure Formal requirements formation of a party Former separation allowance and allowance by way of compensation former socialist countries Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia Forms of gambling Formulation and implementation of the common agricultural policy fortified wine forum forward studies fossil fuel foundation framework agreement framework decision Framework Programme for Research and Development France Franchise agreements franchising fraud against the EU fraud free circulation free competition free credit free education free medical care Free movement of capital and freedom of payments free movement of capital free movement of goods Free movement of persons and services Free movement of persons, services and capital Free movement of persons free movement of programmes Free movement of workers Free movements of goods free price free service Free trade, association, stabilisation etc. agreements free zone Free zones, bonded warehouses, handling free-at-frontier price free-on-board price free-range farming free-trade agreement free-trade area Freedom of assembly and association freedom of assembly freedom of association freedom of communication Freedom of establishment Freedom of expression and information freedom of expression Freedom of movement and of residence Freedom of movement for workers and social policy Freedom of movement for workers Freedom of movement of people freedom of movement freedom of navigation freedom of opinion freedom of religious beliefs freedom of self-determination freedom of the press freedom of the skies Freedom of thought, conscience and religion Freedom of trade union activity freedom of trade Freedom to choose an occupation and right to engage in work Freedom to conduct a business freedom to provide services freezing freight rate French Guiana French overseas collectivity French overseas department and region French overseas departments French Polynesia French West Indies French-speaking Community fresh cheese fresh fish Fresh fruit and vegetables fresh fruit fresh meat fresh product fresh vegetable freshwater fish freshwater fishing freshwater Friesland frigid zone fringe benefit Friuli-Venezia Giulia Frontex frontier migration frontier region frontier worker frontier frozen product Fruit and vegetables fruit juice fruit product fruit vegetable fruit-growing fruit fuel cell fuel enrichment fuel oil fuel reprocessing Fuel supplies fuel tax fuel wood fuel Fuels full employment full-time employment fund (EU) fundamental particle Fundamental rights fur-bearing animal furnace furniture industry Further appeal futures market Gabon Galapagos Islands Galicia Gambia gambling addiction game animal game meat game of chance gaming establishment gaming gas appliance gas field gas industry gas pipeline gas supply gas gastrointestinal disease GATS GATT and WTO GATT GCC countries gelatine Gelderland Gender equality General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) General and final provisions General and sources general budget (EU) general budget General Court (EU) General customs rules general education General framework for equal treatment in employment and occupation (Directive 2000,78) General issues general legal principle general mechanical engineering general medicine General points General principles and programmes General principles of Community law General principles of law General principles, programmes and statistics General principles General provisions and programmes General provisions for giving effect to the Staff Regulations (Art. 110) General provisions of the Staff Regulations General provisions General social provisions General, financial and institutional matters General, programmes General, supply and research General generalised preferences Generalised system of preferences Generalized tariff preferences generation renewal generic drug genetic engineering genetically modified organism genetics Genuine use of a mark geochemistry geographical distribution of the population geographical distribution Geographical indications for wines or spirits geographical information system Geographical market geographical mobility geography geology geophysics Georgia geothermal energy German Democratic Republic Germany gerontology Ghana Gibraltar gift item gift Gifts, loans and payments in advance glass fibre glass industry glass glasshouse cultivation global warming globalisation glucose GNP contribution goat goatmeat goats’ milk cheese gold standard gold-exchange standard gold Good administration goods and services goodwill Gorenjska Gotland county governance government bill government policy government programme government violence government-in-exile government Grading Granting and negotiation of credit grape graphic illustration grassland Great Maghreb Greater Antilles Greater Poland province Greece green area greenhouse effect greenhouse gas Greenland Grenada grey literature groat Groningen gross domestic product gross national product gross regional product ground handling ground staff groundnut oil groundnut Grounds for refusal of recognition groundwater Group exemption (Regulation No 19,65) group of companies group of leading industrialised countries group travel grouping of farms growth point grubbing premium Guadeloupe guarantee threshold guarantee guaranteed income guaranteed minimum price guaranteed price guardianship Guatemala guide price guide Guinea-Bissau Guinea Gulf Cooperation Council Gulf States gulf Guyana gynaecology gypsy haberdashery habitat hairdressing and beauty care Haiti halogen Hamburg hand tool handicrafts handling harbour installation hard cheese Hard coal hard energy Hard fibres harmful plant harmonisation law Harmonisation of customs law - Community transit Harmonisation of customs law - customs territory Harmonisation of customs law - inward processing Harmonisation of customs law - origin of goods Harmonisation of customs law - value for customs purposes Harmonisation of customs law - various Harmonisation of customs law - warehouses, free zones Harmonisation of laws harmonisation of prices harmonisation of standards harmonisation of weapons Harmonization of laws Harmonization of tax legislation harvest harvester Haskovo region Hawaii hazardous waste head of agricultural holding head of government head of household head of State head office health aid Health and plant health inspections Health and safety health card health care profession health care system health care health certificate health control health costs health education health expenditure Health inspections health insurance health legislation health policy Health problems Health protection health risk health service health statistics heat pump heat-resisting materials heating heavy industry heavy metal heavy oil heifer helicopter help desk help for victims hemp herbicide herd conversion heritage protection Hesse hidden unemployment hides and furskins industry High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy high-definition television high-speed transport higher court higher education highway code hill farming hinterland transport hire purchase hiring historic site historical account historical geography history of Europe history hoisting equipment holding company holding of two jobs holiday Holy Cross province Holy See home care home education home help home working homelessness homeopathic product homicide homogenised milk Honduras honey Hong Kong honour hooliganism hops horizontal agreement hormone Horn of Africa horsemeat horticulture Hospital and medical care hospital expenses hospital waste hospitalisation hotel industry hotel profession hourly wage Hours of work household article household consumption household electrical appliance household income household housekeeping economy housewife housing allocation housing cooperative housing law housing need housing policy housing Hovedstaden human cloning Human dignity human nutrition human relations human rights movement Human rights humanisation of work humanitarian aid humid zone Hungary hunger strike hunger hunting regulations hunting hydraulic energy hydraulic machinery hydraulic works hydrocarbon hydroelectric development hydroelectric power hydrogen production hydrogen hydrogeology hydrology hydroponics hypermedia hypertext IATA ice Iceland identity document Ile-de-France illegal abortion illegal building illegal migration illegal restraint Illegality illicit trade illiteracy illness image Immigration and asylum policy Immigration and the right of nationals of third countries Immigration policy immigration immunology impact of advertising impact of information technology impact study imperialism Implementation by the Member States Implementation by the national competition authorities Implementation of EU law within the national legal system implementation of the budget Implementation of the Commission decision and recovery Implementation of the Community law within the national legal order Implementation of the competition rules implementing Regulation Implementing regulations import (EU) Import and export licences and advance-fixing certificates import credit Import levies import levy import licence import monopoly Import or export licences and declarations, standards certificates, etc. Import or export procedures import policy import price import refund import restriction import tax import Importation of goods Imports, exports and quantitative quotas Imports imposed price imprisonment improvement of housing Improvement of stock and farming conditions impunity Imputability to a public body In the application of customs or agricultural rules in-service training incapacity for work inclusion in the budget inclusive tour income in addition to normal pay income stabilisation Income tax income incomes policy incompatibility incorporation increase in production indebtedness indemnification indemnity insurance Independence and integrity independence of the disabled independence of the judiciary Independent nature of the action for damages independent retailer India Indian Ocean indigenous population Indirect instruments of monetary policy indirect tax Indirect taxation on the raising of capital Indirect taxation Individual decisions Individual tax exemptions Indonesia indoor livestock farming industrial accident industrial building industrial capital industrial chemistry industrial concentration industrial conversion industrial cooperation industrial counterfeiting industrial credit industrial data processing industrial development industrial economy industrial electric machinery industrial enterprise industrial equipment industrial espionage industrial fat industrial financing industrial fishing industrial free zone industrial hazard industrial infrastructure industrial integration industrial investment industrial manufacturing industrial planning industrial plant industrial plot Industrial policy - general, programmes, statistics and research Industrial policy - sectoral operations Industrial policy and internal market Industrial policy industrial pollution industrial product industrial production industrial project industrial property industrial region Industrial relations industrial reorganisation industrial research industrial restructuring industrial robot industrial secret industrial sociology industrial statistics industrial structures industrial waste industrialisation industrialised country industry-research relations Industry infancy infant mortality infectious disease inflammable product inflation information analysis Information and consultation of employees Information and verification Information binding the administration information centre information highway information industry information medium information network information policy information processing information profession information science information service information society information storage and retrieval information storage information system information technology applications information technology industry information technology profession information technology user Information technology, telecommunications and data-processing information technology information transfer information user information Infringement committed 'deliberately or through negligence' Infringement of essential procedural requirements infringement of EU law Infringement of the Treaties infringement procedure (EU) ingot inheritance Initiation of proceedings - notification and complaints Initiation of proceedings injunction inland transport inland waters inland waterway fleet inland waterway shipping Inland waterway transport inland waterway innovation inorganic acid inorganic chemical product input-output analysis insect insecticide inshore fishing inshore grounds insider trading Insolvency procedures installation allowance instant product Institution called upon to act institution of public utility institutional activity institutional agreement institutional balance (EU) institutional cooperation Institutional economic provisions Institutional framework of the European Union Institutional monetary provisions institutional reform institutional structure Institutions and bodies of the Community Institutions of the Community Institutions Instruments of economic policy insulator Insurance against accident and occupational disease Insurance and reinsurance transactions insurance claim insurance company insurance contract insurance indemnity insurance law insurance occupation insurance premium Insurance insured risk integrated development programme integrated development Integrated Mediterranean programmes (IMP) Integrated Mediterranean Programmes Integration in the EC Staff Regulations integration into employment integration of migrants Integration of persons with disabilities integration of the disabled Integration of the German Democratic Republic (GDR) intellectual capital Intellectual property law intellectual property Intellectual, industrial and commercial property intellectual intelligent transport system intensive farming intensive livestock farming Inter-American Development Bank inter-company agreement inter-company cooperation inter-industrial relations Inter-institutional transfer inter-parliamentary cooperation interactive network interactive videotex interactivity interest group interest in bringing an action Interest in bringing proceedings interest rate subsidy interest interference intergovernmental conference (EU) Intergovernmental Convention (EU) intergovernmental cooperation (EU) intergovernmental legal instrument interim agreement (EU) Interim relief interinstitutional agreement interinstitutional cooperation (EU) interinstitutional relations (EU) interinstitutional relations intermediate consumption intermediate goods intermediate technology internal border of the EU Internal directives Internal German trade internal law of religions Internal market - approximation of laws Internal market - policy relating to undertakings Internal market - Principles internal migration Internal policy of the European Union Internal taxation international adoption international affairs international agreement International agreements concerning commercial policy and joint action within the framework of international organisations International agreements on agriculture and fisheries International agreements on private international law International agreements on the environment International agreements on transport International agreements international aid international arbitration International Atomic Energy Agency International Bank for Reconstruction and Development International carriage by road international cartel International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes international charter International Civil Aviation Organisation international civil servant international civil service international commercial arbitration International commodity agreements international competition international conference international conflict international convention international cooperation International Court of Justice international court International Criminal Court international criminal law International Criminal Tribunal international currency International customs cooperation International Development Association international dispute international economic law International Energy Agency International Finance Corporation international finance international human rights law international instrument international investment international issue International Labour Conference international labour law International Labour Office International Labour Organisation international law - national law international law International Maritime Organisation international market international meeting international merger International Monetary Fund international monetary system International Narcotics Control Board international negotiations International Organisation for Migration international organisation international payment international relations international responsibility international road transport international sanctions international school international security international standard international statistics international tariff international tax law International Telecommunication Union international trade law international trade international transport international voluntary worker international waters international waterway Internet access provider Internet address Internet site Internet interparliamentary delegation interparliamentary relations Interparliamentary Union Interpol Interpretation of a judgment Interpretation of Community law Interpretation of EU law Interpretation of provisions of the Staff Regulations Interpretation of tariff headings and classification of goods - principles and procedures interpretation of the law interpreting interprofessional agreement intervention agency intervention buying Intervention mechanisms intervention policy intervention price intervention stock Intervention Intra-Community acquisition of goods Intra-Community dumping practices Intra-Community trade intra-EU payment intra-EU relations intra-EU trade intra-EU transport intranet intraurban commuting Introduction invalidity of an election Invalidity pension Invalidity invention Investigations investment abroad investment aid investment bank investment company investment cost investment income investment loan investment policy investment project investment promotion investment protection investment transaction investment Investments and financial aid Investments invisible trade balance invitation to tender Invoicing Inward processing iodine Ionian Islands Ionian Sea ionising radiation Iran Iraq Ireland Irian Jaya Irish Sea Iron and steel industry iron and steel product iron and steel-working machinery iron ore iron product iron ironmongery irradiated fuel irradiated product irradiation irrigation Islam Islamic law Islamic State island region island Isle of Man ISO Isoglucose Israel issue of securities issuing of currency Italy itinerant trade Jamaica Japan Jew jewellery and goldsmith's articles job access job application job creation job cuts job description job mobility job preservation job satisfaction job security job vacancy joinery joint action joint authority joint body (EU) joint committee (EU) joint committee on EU matters joint competence Joint European Torus joint implementation joint ownership Joint Research Centre joint subsidiary Joint undertakings joint venture Jordan Judaism judge Judgment irreconcilable with a judgment in the State where recognition is sought judgment of the Court (EU) Judgment Judgments and orders judicial cooperation in civil matters in the EU judicial cooperation in civil matters judicial cooperation in criminal matters in the EU judicial cooperation in criminal matters judicial cooperation judicial inquiry judicial investigation judicial power Judicial proceedings judicial reform judicial review judicial separation Jurisdiction - Entry of appearance by the defendant Jurisdiction agreement for the benefit of only one of the parties Jurisdiction agreement relating to contract of employment Jurisdiction and enforcement of judgments - matrimonial matters and matters of parental responsibility Jurisdiction and the recognition and enforcement of judgments - Matrimonial matters and matters of parental responsibility Jurisdiction in disputes arising out of the operations of a branch, agency or other establishment Jurisdiction in matters of consumer contracts - Rules of jurisdiction Jurisdiction in matters relating to a contract - Employment contracts Jurisdiction in matters relating to a contract - Place of performance Jurisdiction in matters relating to a contract - Scope; the term 'obligation' Jurisdiction in matters relating to a contract Jurisdiction in matters relating to industrial property rights Jurisdiction in matters relating to insurance - General Jurisdiction in matters relating to insurance - Prorogation of jurisdiction Jurisdiction in matters relating to maintenance Jurisdiction in matters relating to tort, delict or quasi-delict Jurisdiction in proceedings concerned with the enforcement of judgments Jurisdiction in proceedings relating to immovable property - Short-term tenancy of immovable property Jurisdiction in proceedings relating to immovable property Jurisdiction of the Community judicature Jurisdiction of the Court of Justice Jurisdiction of the Court to give rulings on the interpretation of the Convention Jurisdiction of the courts of the defendant’s domicile Jurisdiction of the Courts Jurisdiction over consumer contracts jurisdiction ratione materiae Jurisdiction, recognition and enforcement of judgments - Civil and commercial matters jurisdiction Justice and home affairs jute juvenile court juvenile delinquency Kaliningrad question Karlovy Vary Kashmir question Kazakhstan Kenya kidney disease Kiribati kitchen garden Klaipeda county knitted and crocheted goods know-how knowledge economy knowledge management Kosovo question Kosovo Kurdistan question Kuwait Kuyavia-Pomerania province Kyoto Protocol Kyrgyzstan labelling labour dispute labour flexibility labour force labour inspectorate labour law labour market labour mobility labour relations labour shortage labour standard labour tribunal Lack of competence of the author of the act lactose lake land and buildings land policies land productivity land reform land register land restructuring land transport land use landholding system Language arrangements language policy language teaching language Languages Languedoc-Roussillon Laos Lapland lard large business large family large holding large vehicle large-scale construction laser physics laser weapon Latin America Latium Latvia launch facility launch vehicle launching of a product law of banking law of obligations law of states law of succession law of the sea law of war law on negotiable instruments law relating to information law relating to prisons Law relating to undertakings lay magistrate laying poultry lead-free petrol lead leader of the opposition leaf vegetable learning technique learning lease Leasing or letting of immovable property least-developed country leather industry Leather, hides, skins and footwear leather Leave for military service leave for political activities Leave on personal grounds leave on social grounds Leave Lebanon legal action Legal acts of the European Union legal adviser legal aid legal basis legal capacity Legal certainty legal code legal cooperation legal deposit legal domicile legal expenses legal hearing legal methodology legal person Legal proceedings legal process legal profession legal rule legal science legal status legal system legal working time legality Legislation applicable legislation legislative act (EU) legislative drafting legislative initiative legislative period legislative power legislative procedure legislative programme (EU) legislative-executive relations legitimacy Legitimate self-protection leguminous vegetable Leinster leisure park Leisure services leisure length of journey length of lease length of studies Lesotho less-favoured agricultural area less-favoured region Lesser Antilles Letting, sale, transfer level of education Level of protection (Article 53 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights) Levies and loans Liability of the administration liability of the State liability liberal profession liberalisation of the market liberalisation of trade Liberec Liberia library Libya Liechtenstein life assurance life expectancy life sciences lift lighting equipment lighting lignite Liguria Likelihood of confusion with an earlier mark Limburg Limitation in consequence of acquiescence limitation of legal proceedings Limitation on the exercise of rights and freedoms (Article 52(1) of the Charter of Fundamental Rights) Limitation periods limited circulation limited partnership Limits to judicial review Limousin linguistic discrimination linguistic group linguistics Link between the Charter of Fundamental Rights and existing instruments liqueur liquidation liquidity control Lis pendens - related actions Lis pendens and related actions - Related actions Lis pendens Lisbon and the Tagus Valley literary and artistic property literary profession literature Lithuania Little Poland province littoral live animal Live plants, flowers and foliage live poultry livestock farming livestock unit livestock living conditions living language living plant load Loan and guarantee loan Loans and subsidies Loans contracted by the ECSC local area network local authority finances local authority local budget local election local employment initiative local government local legislation local media local tax local wine locally elected representative location of industry location of production lockout Locus standi Lodz province logistics Loire Region Lombardy London long-term credit long-term financing long-term forecast long-term unemployment Lorraine loss low cost airline low income low pay low rent Lower Austria Lower Carpathians province Lower Normandy Lower Saxony Lower Silesia province Lublin province lubricants Lubus province lucerne Lugano Convention Luxembourg luxury products industry Macao Macedonia machine tool machine translation machine-tool industry machinery macroeconomics Madagascar Madeira Mafia Maghreb magistrate magnesium magnetic medium maintenance obligation Maintenance obligations maintenance maize oil maize majority voting Malawi Malaysia Maldives Mali malnutrition malt Malta man-made disaster man-made fibre man management accounting Management and efficient use of space, the environment and natural resources management audit management committee (EU) management information system management of resources Management of special investment funds management planning management techniques management training management manager managing director manganese manpower needs manpower planning manufactured feedingstuffs manufactured goods Marches margarine marginalisation Mariana Islands marine ecosystem marine environment marine insurance marine life marine mammal marine pollution marital status maritime area maritime cabotage maritime conference maritime court maritime law maritime safety maritime shipping maritime surveillance maritime transport Mark or application for a mark as an item of property Market access market approval market capitalisation market economy market enlargement market gardening market intervention Market monitoring Market operation Market organisation market prices market protection market research market stabilisation market supervision market support market-sharing agreement market Marketing of fishery products marketing restriction marketing standard Marketing standards marketing year marketing Marks devoid of any distinctive character marriage of convenience marriage married person Marshall Islands Martinique Mashreq mass communications mass education mass media mass tourism mass-consumption product material of animal origin materials technology maternity benefit maternity leave mathematics matrimonial law Matters covered by the regulations Matters covered Matters excluded Matters to be taken into account Matters to be taken into consideration Mauritania Mauritius Maximum and minimum prices maximum price Mayotte Mazovia province meal means of agricultural production means of communication means of public conveyance means of transport measure having equivalent effect Measures concerning family law Measures having equivalent effect Measures in respect of which a plea of illegality may be raised Measures of inquiry and measures of organisation of procedure Measures to combat counterfeiting in trade with third countries measuring equipment meat processing industry meat product meat mechanical engineering mechanical equipment mechanical vibration mechanisation of agriculture mechanisation Mechanisms common to more than one common organisation Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania mediator Medical and paramedical activities medical centre Medical committee medical computing medical data medical device medical diagnosis medical error medical examination Medical expenses covered Medical expert's report Medical file medical institution medical law medical plant medical report medical research medical science medical specialisation medical training medicament medicine medieval history Mediterranean agriculture Mediterranean countries Mediterranean forest Mediterranean region (EU) Mediterranean Sea Mediterranean third countries medium-sized business Medium-sized firms, distributive trades and craft industries medium-sized holding medium-sized industry medium-term credit medium-term financial assistance medium-term financing medium-term forecast Melilla Member countries of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) member country Member of Parliament member of the Court of Auditors (EU) member of the Court of Justice (EU) member of the European Central Bank Member of the European Parliament Member States' contribution Member States’ liability for infringements of EU law mental health mental illness mental stress mentally disabled mercenary merchandising merchant fleet merchant Mercosur countries Mercosur mercury merger control merger meslin metal by-product metal coating metal furniture metal pollution metal product metal structure metal waste metallic ore metalloid metallurgical industry metals metalwork metalworking meteorology methanol Method of calculation Metrology metropolis Mexico Mezzogiorno micro-computer micro-enterprise microeconomics microelectronics microfinance microform microloan Micronesia microorganism Middle East middle management Middle Norrland (Sweden) Midtjylland midwife migrant unemployment migrant worker migrant migration control migration for settlement purposes migration policy migration migratory movement militarisation of space military aircraft military base military cooperation military court military discipline military equipment military intervention military manoeuvres military occupation military personnel military regime military research military sanctions military science military secret military training milk by-product milk fat Milk Marketing Boards milk product Milk products milk protein milk milking machine millet mine action miner mineral compound mineral oil mineral prospecting mineral resources mineral water mineralogy Minimum benefits minimum pay minimum price minimum stock mining extraction mining industry mining of ore mining operation mining product mining production minister ministerial meeting ministerial responsibility ministry minority language miscarriage of justice Miscellaneous and procedural provisions miscellaneous industries Miscellaneous missile misuse of a right Misuse of powers mitigating circumstances mixed agreement mixed economy mixed farm mixed marriage mixed-ownership company mobile phone mode of production mode of transport modem modern history modernisation aid modernisation of industry molasses Moldova Molise mollusc Moluccas molybdenum Monaco monetary agreement Monetary Committee (EU) monetary compensatory amount Monetary compensatory amounts monetary cooperation monetary crisis monetary integration Monetary measures in the field of agriculture Monetary measures Monetary policy monetary relations monetary support monetary union money laundering money market money-market liquidity money Mongolia Monitoring and coordination of regional State aids Monitoring of atmospheric pollution monkey monopoly of information monopoly monopsony Montana region Montenegro monthly pay Montserrat monument moonlighting Moravia-Silesia Morocco mortality mortgage bank mortgage most favoured nation mother tongue mother's milk motherhood motion of censure motor car motor fuel motor spirit motor vehicle industry motor vehicle insurance motor vehicle pollution motor vehicle Motor vehicles motorway mountain region mountain movement certificate Movement of goods Mozambique multi-storey dwelling multidisciplinary education multifibre agreement multilateral agreement Multilateral cooperation for protection of the environment, wild fauna and flora and natural resources Multilateral customs cooperation multilateral relations multilateral surveillance Multilateral transport cooperation multilingual dictionary multilingualism multimedia multinational enterprise multinational force multiparty system multiracial State municipal police municipality Munster museum mushroom-growing music musical instrument Muslim mutual assistance among farmers mutual assistance scheme mutual assistance mutual recognition principle mythology NAFTA countries NAFTA Namibia nanotechnology narcotic national accounts national agricultural policy National aid national budget national currency National derogations national economy national election national expenditure national financing national implementing measure national income national independence national law national liberation movement national library National market organizations and common organizations National measures for regulating the market national minority national park national parliament national planning national production National protective measures national school national service National Socialism national sovereignty national statistics national tariff national tax National trading monopolies national transport national unification national nationalisation nationalism nationalist party nationality of legal persons nationality NATO countries NATO natural child natural disaster natural fibre natural food colouring natural gas natural hazard natural person natural resources natural rubber naturalisation nature reserve Nauru Navarre navigation aid navigational code navy Ne bis in idem principle Ne bis in idem Necessity negotiable instrument negotiated contract Negotiation and conclusion negotiation of an agreement (EU) negotiation skills neighbourhood police Nepal net contributor net recipient Netherlands Antilles Netherlands OCT Netherlands network of navigable waterways network server Networks in the motor vehicle sector neurobiology neurology neutrality New Caledonia New Community Instrument new economic order new educational methods New pleas in law new product new technology new town new type of employment New Zealand newspaper Nicaragua nickel Niger Nigeria night work Nimexe Nitra region nitrogen Niue noise level noise pollution noise protection noise nomadism nomenclature Non-active status non-alcoholic beverage non-alignment Non-Annex II EEC Treaty products Non-Annex II products (now Non-Annex I products) non-associated country non-attached member non-commercial sector non-competition clause non-compulsory expenditure Non-contractual liability non-contributory benefit Non-discrimination and citizenship of the Union Non-discrimination on grounds of nationality Non-discrimination non-durable goods non-European language non-ferrous metal non-ferrous ore non-flat product non-formal education non-government bill non-governmental organisation non-ionising radiation non-legislative act (EU) Non-legislative acts non-lethal weapon Non-liability to national taxes non-marketing premium non-metallic ore non-participating country non-polluting vehicle non-profit organisation non-proliferation of arms non-refundable aid Non-renewal of contract non-standard employment non-tariff barrier Non-trade agreement non-violence non-working population Nord-Pas-de-Calais Nordjylland norm price North Africa North America North Brabant North East (England) North Holland North Korea North Middle Sweden North Rhine-Westphalia North Sea North West (England) North-South relations North-South trade North-West Atlantic Fisheries Organisation Northern Aegean Northern Estonia Northern Europe Northern Hungary Northern Ireland Northern Mariana Islands Northern Portugal Norway Norwegian Sea notary Notice of competition Notification and obligation to suspend payment of the aid Notification and transmission Notification of agreements Notification nuclear accident nuclear chemistry Nuclear common market Nuclear Energy Agency nuclear energy nuclear fission nuclear fuel nuclear fusion nuclear industry nuclear law nuclear medicine nuclear non-proliferation nuclear physics nuclear policy nuclear power station nuclear reactor nuclear research Nuclear safety and radioactive waste nuclear safety nuclear technology nuclear test nuclear weapon nuisance Nullity of agreements and decisions Nullum crimen, nulla poena sine lege Number of defendants number of pupils nursery school nursing care nursing staff nut nutrition nutritional disease nutritional needs OAS countries oats objections to an election result Objectives and foundations of the Community Objectives of the common agricultural policy Objectives Obligation of good faith Obligation to ensure smooth conduct of proceedings Obligation to hear the person being reported on,appraised Obligation to initiate the formal investigation procedure Obligation to pay Obligation to state reasons Obligations of officials Obligations of taxable persons and certain non-taxable persons Obligations of the administration Obligations of the Member States Obligations of the Selection Board Obligations of undertakings Observance of prior international agreements concluded by Member States Observance of professional secrecy observation observer obsolete technology obstacle to development Obtaining of evidence Occupation of road haulage operator (Directive No 74,561) Occupation of road haulage operator Occupation of road passenger transport operator (Directive No 74,562) Occupation of road passenger transport operator occupational accident insurance occupational accident occupational disease occupational health occupational medicine occupational migration occupational mortality occupational physiology occupational psychology occupational safety occupational status occupied territory ocean Oceania Oceanian countries oceanography OECD countries OECD offal offence offer price office automation office equipment Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market office supplies office worker official document Official Journal official language official market official seal official statistics official visit Officials serving in a third country offshore drilling offshore oil offshore structure offshoring Oil and gas oil crop oil industry oil mill oil pipeline oil pollution oil refining oil seed rape oil technology oilfield Oils and fats OLAF Old age and death older worker oleaginous plant oligopoly olive oil olive-growing olive Olomouc Olympic games Oman on line data service one person household one-parent family OPEC open access publishing open ballot open market open method of coordination open source software open university operating cost operating result operating system operation of the Institutions operational expenditure (EU) operational expenditure operational programme Operations of the ESF opinion (EU) opinion of the Commission opinion of the Council opinion of the Court of Auditors opinion of the Court of Justice (EU) opinion poll opinion Opole province Opposition proceedings Opposition opt-out clause optical industry optical medium optics Optional or mandatory reference Oral procedure oral question orchard Order for enforcement ordinance ordinary court of law Ordinary legislative acts ordinary legislative procedure ore deposit ore processing Ore organ transplant organic acid organic chemical organic farming organic fertiliser organic pollution organic product Organisation and content of tests Organisation and reform of the ESF organisation chart Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons Organisation of American States organisation of elections organisation of health care organisation of production organisation of professions organisation of research organisation of teaching organisation of transport organisation of work organisation organisational culture organised crime Organization of departments Origin and scope of right of deduction Origin of goods originating product orphan Orthodoxy OSCE Other activities Other acts Other agricultural products Other arrangements concerning movement of goods Other cases Other categories of taxable persons Other commercial policy measures Other conservation measures Other economic and commercial provisions Other economic customs arrangements Other EU bodies and agencies Other European countries Other exemptions Other industrial sectors Other marks Other measures relating to coal Other measures relating to iron and steel Other measures relating to nuclear energy Other measures relating to oil or gas Other monetary measures Other obligations Other party not domiciled in a Contracting State Other production and processing activities Other provisions Other public contracts Other questions of substantive law Other regulations concerning the relationship between the Community and its servants Other regulations concerning the relationship between the European Union and its servants Other reliefs from duty Other revenue Other sectors for approximation of laws Other service activities Other sources of energy Other spheres of multilateral cooperation Other taxes Other types of employment status Other vegetable oils and oil seeds Oulu outflow of capital outline law outplacement outsourcing Outward processing and harmonisation of standard trade outward processing over-exploitation of resources over-production over-the-counter drug overheads Overijssel overlapping of income overpopulation Overseas countries and territories (PTOM) Overseas countries and territories overseas department (France) overseas territory overtime own consumption Own resources of the Communities Own resources of the European Union Own resources own-account transport ownership oxide oxygen ozone Pacific Ocean pacifism packaged product packaging product packaging paediatrics paedophilia paid leave painting paints and varnishes Pakistan Palau Palestine Liberation Organisation Palestine question palliative care Panama Canal Panama paper money paper paperboard Papua New Guinea parabolic aerial paraffin Paraguay paramedical profession paramedical training paramilitary force parasitology parent company parental allowance parental authority parental leave parental responsibility parking area Parliament parliamentary allowance parliamentary assembly parliamentary committee parliamentary debate parliamentary delegation parliamentary diplomacy parliamentary election parliamentary immunity parliamentary inquiry parliamentary procedure parliamentary question parliamentary rules of procedure parliamentary scrutiny parliamentary seat parliamentary session parliamentary sitting parliamentary system parliamentary vote part-time employment Part-time work Partial use participating country Participation in sport or physical education participation of women participatory democracy Particular agreements Particular destinations Parties, legal representation, legal aid Partnership for Peace partnership party congress party financing party organisation passenger tariff passport pasta pasteurisation pasteurised milk pastry-making pasture fattening patent law patent patents licence Patents paternity leave patient's rights patronage pauperisation pay cut pay freeze pay policy pay rise pay scale pay television pay payable service payment appropriation Payment of benefits Payment of the fine payment Pazardzhik region peace zone peace peaceful co-existence peaceful use of energy peacekeeping Peas and beans Peas and field beans peasant class peat Pecuniary penalties pedestrian zone pedestrian Peloponnese penal code penal institution penalty penitentiary staff Pension rights pension scheme Pensions people's bank people's democracy People's Europe per capita consumption per capita distribution percolation water perennial vegetable performance drugs performing arts periodic penalty payment Periodic penalty payments periodical publication Periods to be taken into account peripheral region peripheral perishable goods permanent crop permanent representation to the EU Permissibility of agreements conferring jurisdiction personal accident insurance personal data personal development personal effects Personal file personal income tax personal insurance personal property personal weapon personality personnel administration Personnel services Persons covered by the regulations persons in work Peru pesticide residue pesticide pesticides industry pet food pet shop petition petrochemicals petrol petroleum exploration petroleum policy petroleum product petroleum production petroleum pharmaceutical expenses pharmaceutical industry pharmaceutical legislation pharmaceutical product pharmacist pharmacology pharmacy Philippines phosphate phosphorus photochemistry photographic industry photovoltaic cell physical aggression physical education physical environment physical process physical sciences physically disabled Picardy picture synthesis piece work pay Piedmont Pigmeat pip fruit pipeline transport piping piracy Pitcairn Islands Place of supply of goods Place of supply of services Place of taxable transactions plan plankton planned economy planning of the school year plant breeding plant disease plant health control Plant health legislation plant health product plant health treatment Plant health plant life plant propagation plant resources plant taxonomy Plant varieties plant variety right Plant-protection products plantation Plants and flowers plasma physics plaster plasticiser plastics industry plastics plate platinum Plea alleging a breach of procedure Plea alleging a manifest error of assessment Plea alleging the lack or inadequacy of a statement of reasons Plea of illegality Plea of lack of competence of the author of the measure Pleas in law pleasure craft plot Plovdiv region plumbing equipment pluralism in the media plutonium plywood pneumatic machinery pneumatic tyre Podlachia province Podravska Poitou-Charentes Poland polar region Police and judicial cooperation in criminal and customs matters Police and judicial cooperation in criminal matters police checks police cooperation police policy on agricultural structures polishing and scouring preparations political affiliation Political and Security Committee political arbitration political asylum political behaviour political coalition political cooperation political crisis political discrimination political executive political geography political group (EP) political group political ideology political institution political integration political involvement political kidnapping political majority political militant political minority political morality political opposition political parties political philosophy political power political press political prisoner political programme political propaganda political reform political refugee political representation political responsibility political right political rights political situation political split political status political system political tendency political unrest political violence politician politics polling station pollutant polluted area polluter pays principle Pollution and nuisances pollution control measures pollution control pollution from agricultural sources pollution from land-based sources pollution from ships pollution of waterways pollution polymer Pomerania Pomurska popular art popular culture popularising science population census population density population dynamics population forecast population growth population of working age population policy population statistics pornography port administration port traffic ports policy Portugal position of women post office financial services Post-clearance collection of duties post-communism post-industrial economy postal and telecommunications services postal charges postal service postal vote Posting potash potassium potato Potatoes poultry farming poultry poultrymeat poverty powder metallurgy powdered milk power of assessment power of attorney power of decision power of implementation power of initiative power of ratification power plant Power stations and joint undertakings power to appoint power to negotiate powers of parliament Powers of the Community and provisional powers of the Member States Powers of the Community institutions Powers of the Council powers of the EP powers of the institutions (EU) Powers of the institutions Powers of the Member States and,or the Council practitioner of alternative medicine Prague Prahova pre-accession aid pre-accession strategy pre-packaging pre-school education Precautionary principle precious metal precious stones precision engineering precision instrument prefabrication preferential agreement Preferential arrangements preferential price Preferential systems preferential voting Prejudice preliminary draft budget preliminary draft EC budget preliminary issue Preliminary review Premium for withholding milk from the market preparation for market Preparatory acts prepared foodstuff preservative Preservatives preserved product president of an institution President of the Commission President of the EP President of the European Council presidential election press agency press release press undertaking press pressure equipment Presumption of innocence and right of defence prevention of delinquency Prevention of infringements of Community law Prevention of noise pollution Prevention of overlapping of benefits prevention of pollution Prevention of tax evasion and avoidance price agreement price control price disparity price fixed in advance price fluctuation price formation price freeze price increase price index price indexing price list price net of tax price of agricultural produce price of energy price of farm land price of land price of securities price reduction price regulations price stability price support Prices and terms Prices controls prices policy Prices primacy of EU law primacy of the law primary education primary election Primary law and secondary legislation primary product primary sector primitive religion Principality of Asturias principle of additionality principle of communitisation Principle of equality and non-discrimination principle of legal certainty principle of proportionality principle of subsidiarity Principle of the protection of legitimate expectations Principles and citizenship of the Union Principles and conditions Principles of legality and proportionality of criminal offences and penalties Principles of social security Principles of the law of the European public service Principles, objectives and tasks of the Treaties printer printing Prior administrative complaint Prior consultation of the person concerned Prior investigation Prior opinion of the Court priority region prison administration prison system prisoner of war prisoner work prisoner private aid private bank private ECU private education private forest private insurance private international law private investment Private investor test Private investor,private creditor test private law private limited company private means of transport private media private medical treatment private property private sector private stock Private storage aid private-sector liquidity privatisation privilege Privileges and immunities of the European Union Privileges and immunities probationary period Procedural guarantees Procedural provisions Procedural rules Procedure and legal proceedings Procedure for clearance of accounts Procedure for recruitment of senior officials Procedure for reviewing aid Procedure for the application of the competition rules by the Commission Procedure under Article 108 TFEU Procedure under Article 88 EC Procedure Procedures for presentation and clearance Procedures for the authorisation and supervision of medicinal products Procedures Proceedings and penalties Proceedings in relation to revocation or invalidity Proceedings in which a plea of illegality may be raised Proceedings relating to a contract Proceedings processed cheese processed food product processed foodstuff Processed fruit and vegetables Processing and marketing of agricultural products processing industry processing under customs control producer co-responsibility producer group producer price producer's liability product design product designation product diversification product life Product or products constituting a market product quality product safety product specialisation production aid Production and delivery quotas Production and processing activities production capacity production control production cost production improvement Production levy production planning production policy Production premium for potato starch production quota Production quotas production refund Production refunds production standard production statistics production surplus production target production technique production productivity Products concerned Products from third countries Products not subject to market organisation Products of Annex II EEC Treaty and Regulation No 827,68 Products processed from fruit and vegetables Products subject to market organisation professional army professional association professional career professional ethics professional experience professional qualifications Professional secrecy professional secret professional society professional sport profit sharing profit profitability programme budgeting programmed learning Programmes and statistics programmes industry Programmes programming language Prohibited agreements Prohibited practices prohibited weapon Prohibition of agreements, decisions and concerted practices Prohibition of customs duties and charges having equivalent effect in trade between Member States Prohibition of customs duties and charges having equivalent effect Prohibition of discrimination on grounds of age Prohibition of discrimination on grounds of nationality Prohibition of discrimination Prohibition of export repayments exceeding internal taxation Prohibition of quantitative restrictions and measures having equivalent effect in trade between Member States Prohibition of quantitative restrictions and measures having equivalent effect Prohibition of taxation of such a nature as to afford indirect protection to competing domestic products Prohibition of taxation on imported products in excess of that imposed on similar domestic products Prohibition of torture and inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment Prohibition of unjust enrichment of the Community Prohibition of unjust enrichment of the European Union project evaluation project management project of European interest Promotion of the coal industry promotion of the European idea promotion promulgation of a law Proof of service and enforceability proof propane gas property development property insurance property leasing property market Property ownership property tax Proportional deduction proportional representation proposal (EU) Proprietary medicinal products Prorogation of jurisdiction prospective technological studies prostitution protected area protected species Protection against illicit commercial practices Protection in the event of removal, expulsion or extradition Protection in the event of unjustified dismissal Protection of accrued rights protection of animal life Protection of animals during transport Protection of animals protection of communications Protection of economic interests protection of freedoms Protection of geographical ascriptions and registered designations of origin Protection of health and safety Protection of industrial and commercial property protection of minorities Protection of new plant varieties Protection of personal data protection of plant life protection of privacy Protection of public health and protection of plants protection of shareholders Protection of the health and safety of workers Protection of workers protectionism protective clause protective equipment Protective measures protein products Protestantism Protocol (EU) Protocol on interpretation by the Court of Justice protocol on sugar protocol to an agreement Protocol to the Convention protocol prototype Province of Antwerp Province of East Flanders Province of Flemish Brabant Province of Hainault Province of Limbourg Province of Luxembourg Province of Namur Province of West Flanders province provision of documents Provision of medical care in exercise of medical and paramedical professions provision of services provision provisional twelfth Provisional validity Provisional, including protective measures Provisions against overlapping Provisions common to the various categories of benefits Provisions governing the institutions Provisions having general application Provisions implementing Article 95 - ECSC Provisions on agriculture and the general rules of the Treaty Provisions on appointment,grading Provisions on emoluments Provisions on pensions Provisions relating to certain common organizations of the markets Provisions relating to fisheries Provisions under Article 235 EEC Proviso as to public policy proxy vote psychiatric confinement psychiatric institution psychiatry psychoanalysis psychological harassment psychology psychotropic substance Public access to documents public accounting public administration public authorities public awareness campaign public bank public borrowing public building public conduct of debates public consultation public contract Public contracts public debt public economy public education public expenditure public finance public financing public health public hearing public holiday public hygiene public institution public insurance public international law public investment public law public legal official public library public limited company Public morality, public policy and public security public morality public office public opinion public order public policy Public postal services public procurement in the European Union Public procurement public property public prosecution public prosecutor's department public relations public safety public sector public service employee public service Public services contracts public statement public stock Public supply contracts public transport Public undertakings Public works contracts Public works, supply and services contracts public works public-private partnership publication of a law publication of accounts Publication of prices publication of tariffs Publication Publications Office of the European Union publicly owned forest publisher publishing deadline publishing of prices publishing Puerto Rico pulp and paper industry pump pupil purchase price purchase purchasing habits purchasing power parity purchasing power Purpose push towing Qatar Quaestor of the EP qualified majority qualitative analysis quality control circle quality control of agricultural products quality control of industrial products quality label quality of life quality of the environment quality standard Quality standards Quality wines produced in specified regions quantitative analysis quantitative restriction Quantitative restrictions and measures of equivalent effect Quantitative restrictions quantity of fish landed quasi-fiscal charge Questions of law or fact quorum Quotas - third countries Quotas between Member States Rabbit meat and farmed game meat rabbit meat rabbit rabies racial conflict racial discrimination racism radiation protection radical party radio equipment radio telecommunications radioactive effluent radioactive materials radioactive pollution radioactive waste radioactivity radiobiology rail network rail transport railway industry railway station railway tariff rapid reaction force rare gas rate of work Rates ratification of an agreement ratio Rational utilisation and conservation of energy raw chemical industry raw material raw milk raw sugar Raw tobacco re-export re-import reactor cooling system real estate business real estate credit real estate market real property rearmament Reasoned opinion of the Commission reassignment rebel government receivership reclaimed land Reclassification of a contract that has been renewed several times Recognition - Ordinary appeal in the State in which judgment was given Recognition and enforcement recognition of a state recognition of diplomas recognition of studies Recognition of the occupational origin recognition of vocational training qualifications Recognition recommendation (EU) recommendation Reconsideration of an earlier decision record library record recording equipment recording medium recording Recovery of debts Recovery of undue payment Recovery of undue payments Recovery or remission of duties Recruitment other than by competition recruitment recycled product recycling of capital recycling technology Red Cross red wine redemption of public debt redemption redevelopment aid redirection of production redistribution of income reduced price reduction of gas emissions reduction of sentence reduction of working time redundancy Reference for a preliminary ruling reference price Reference to the Court of Justice Reference to the Court where the main proceedings are summary reference to the EC Court of Justice for a preliminary ruling Reference under Article 68 EC References to national laws referendum reflation reform of the CAP refrigerated product refrigeration industry refugee Refund of expenses Refunds refusal to bid refusal to sell region dependent on fishing Region of Murcia region-EU relationship region regional accounting regional agency regional aid regional and local authorities regional authority regional budget regional cooperation regional culture regional development regional disparity regional economy regional election regional farm policy regional finances regional government regional integration regional investment regional language regional law regional market regional parliament regional planning regional police Regional policy and coordination of structural instruments Regional policy regional security regional State regional statistics regional transport regionalisation of trade regionalisation regionalism regionalist party regions and communities of Belgium regions of Austria regions of Bulgaria regions of Denmark regions of Estonia regions of Finland regions of France regions of Germany regions of Greece regions of Hungary regions of Ireland regions of Italy regions of Latvia regions of Lithuania regions of Poland regions of Portugal regions of Romania regions of Slovakia regions of Slovenia regions of Spain regions of Sweden regions of the Czech Republic regions of the Netherlands regions of the United Kingdom registered trademark registration of a company registration of voters Registration procedure registration tax regulation (EU) regulation of agricultural production regulation of investments regulation of telecommunications regulation of transactions regulation Regulations declaring certain categories of aid compatible with the internal market regulations for civil servants Regulations Regulatory acts regulatory committee (EU) reimbursement of aid reindeer reinsurance reintegration into working life Reintroduction of customs duties Rejection of an application relations between the State and the regions Relations in the context of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) Relationship to other conventions Relationship to public international law Relationship with the ECHR (Article 52(3) of the Charter of Fundamental Rights) relationship Relative grounds for refusal - General Relative grounds for refusal - Signs examined Relative grounds for refusal release on licence Relevant market Relevant public Reliefs from duty religion religious conflict religious discrimination religious fundamentalism religious group religious institution religious sect religious tourism remission of export duties remote sensing remuneration of work Remuneration renewable energy renewable resources renewal of an agreement rent regulations rental business Reopening reparcelling repatriation grant repatriation of capital repeal repentance replanting report Reporting illegal activity or a serious failure to comply with an obligation Reports representative democracy representative market price representative price representative rate repression reproductive health reprography reptile republic Request Requests for information requisitioning of workers Res judicata rescheduling of public debt research and development Research and technological development Research and training research body research budget research expenditure (EU) research method research policy research programme research project research report research results Research sectors research staff research reservation reserve currency reserves residence permit residence residential area residential mobility resin resistance of materials resolution (EU) resolution of parliament Resolution of the Council of the European Union resolution of the European Council resolution resources of the sea Respect for private and family life Respective competences of the European Union and of the Member States Respective powers and obligations of the European Union and of the Member States Respective powers of the Communities and of the Member States Respective powers of the Community and of the Member States respiratory disease rest period Restitutio in integrum restoration of customs duties restorative justice Restriction of competition restriction of liberty restriction on competition Restriction(s) on the right to property Restrictions justified on grounds of public policy, public security or public health Restrictions on the right of deduction Restrictive measures - Freezing of funds and various prohibitions Restrictive practices restrictive trade practice restrictive-practice authorisation restrictive-practice notification result of the vote retail outlet retail price retail selling retail trade retired person retirement conditions Retirement pension Retirement retroactivity of a law return migration Returned goods revaluation revenue Review Revision of a judgment revision of an agreement revision of financial perspectives revision of the Treaty (EU) Revision Rhine Valley Rhineland-Palatinate rice Riga Right of access and access arrangements Right of access to documents right of action right of asylum Right of collective bargaining and action Right of entry and of residence Right of entry and residence Right of establishment and freedom to provide services Right of establishment Right of option for taxation in respect of certain transactions right of pre-emption Right of refugees and displaced persons (not eligible for asylum) right of repossession Right to an effective remedy and to a fair trial Right to asylum (application of international rules on asylum within the European Union) Right to asylum right to culture right to demonstrate right to development Right to education Right to good administration right to health right to housing right to information right to justice Right to liberty and security right to physical integrity Right to property right to stand for election right to stopover right to strike Right to vote and to stand as a candidate at elections to the European Parliament right to vote right to work Rights and obligations of officials rights of access rights of aliens rights of civil servants rights of minorities Rights of non-member countries under prior agreements Rights of the defence and procedural guarantees Rights of the defence rights of the individual Rights of the institutions against third parties liable Rights of the person concerned Rio Group Rioja risk prevention river tourism road building road cabotage road network road safety road services department road traffic road transport tariff road transport roadworthiness tests robotisation rodent Role of the European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO) roll-call vote rolling stock Romania Rome Convention of 19 June 1980 root crop root vegetable Route distribution royalism rubber industry Rubber rule of law rule under emergency powers Rules concerning the production, denomination and marketing of products Rules governing administrative acts Rules governing exercise of the right of deduction Rules governing liability of the administration Rules governing the non-contractual liability of the Community Rules governing the non-contractual liability of the European Union Rules of origin defined in the context of preferential arrangements Rules of origin rules of procedure Rules on aid in connection with the common organization of the agricultural markets Rules on certain wine-making practices and on the sale of wine Rules on competition Rules on trade with third countries Rules ruling class ruling Rulings determining validity Rulings providing an interpretation rural community rural development rural habitat rural migration rural population rural region rural settlement rural tourism Russia Rwanda rye SAARC countries Saarland Saba Safeguards for defendants where an appearance is not entered Safeguards Safety at sea Safety at work and elsewhere Safety at work safety device safety standard Sahel Saint Eustatius Saint Helena Saint Kitts and Nevis Saint Lucia Saint Martin Saint Pierre and Miquelon Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Sale of butter and skimmer-milk powder at reduced prices sale sales agent sales aid sales occupation sales promotion sales representative sales staff salt salted product saltwater Salzburg Samoa sample survey sampling San Marino sanction (EU) Sardinia satellite communications satellite navigation satellite Saudi Arabia savings bank savings Savinjska sawmill Saxony-Anhalt Saxony scanner Schengen Agreement Schengen Information System Schleswig-Holstein school abroad school age school attendance school canteen school environment school fees school inspection school legislation school life school results school textbook school transport school-industry relations school-working life relations schooling Science, information, education and culture Science Scientific and technical information and documentation Scientific and Technical Research Committee Scientific and technical staff scientific apparatus scientific calculation scientific committee (EU) scientific cooperation scientific discovery scientific education scientific exchange scientific library scientific press scientific profession scientific progress scientific report scientific research Scope and limits of review by the Courts Scope of Community legislation Scope of EU legislation Scope of judicial review Scope of the protection of rights and principles Scope of the Treaties Scope Scotland Scrap equalisation Scrap screen sculpture sea fish sea fishing sea-bed sea seal search engine search seasonal employment seasonal migration seasonal unemployment seasonal worker seat of institution second stage of EMU Second World War secondary education secondary legislation secondary residence secondary sector Secondment secret service secret society secretarial staff secretariat of an Institution Secretariat of the Pacific Community Secretary General of an Institution section sectoral agreement sectoral aid Sectoral application sectoral planning secular education secularity securities security of supply security services Security system seed capital seed flax seed seedling Seeds and seedlings Seeds seismic monitoring seismology seizure of goods Selection Board selection of pupils selective dissemination of information selective distribution agreement Selective distribution systems Selective nature of national tax measures Selective nature of the measure self-defence self-determination Self-employed activities self-employed person self-employment self-financing self-regulation self-service store self-sufficiency in energy self-sufficiency in food self-sufficiency rate self-supply selling at a loss selling price semi-manufactured goods semi-metal semi-skilled worker semi-soft cheese Senegal senior management seniority sensitive area sensitive product separated person separation of powers Serbia and Montenegro Serbia sericulture servant (EU) Service activities service concession service industry service occupation service services company services contract Services of dentists and dental technicians Services of general economic interest services of general interest Services supplied by non-profit-making organisations to their members set-aside settlement of disputes Severance grant severance pay sewage sludge sex education sexual discrimination sexual freedom sexual harassment sexual minority sexual mutilation sexual offence sexual tourism sexual violence sexuality sexually transmitted disease Seychelles shape-memory alloy share capital share shareholder shareholding sheep's milk cheese sheep Sheepmeat and goatmeat sheepmeat sheet shellfish farming shift work ship canal ship's flag ship's passport shipbuilding shipping policy Shipping shopping centre short-term credit short-term economic policy short-term economic prospects short-term financing short-term forecast short-time working shortage shorter working week Sibiu Sicily Sick leave Sickness and maternity Sickness insurance Sierra Leone signalling device signature of an agreement Signs examined Silesia province Silistra region silk Silkworms silviculture Similarity between goods or services Similarity between marks simple majority simplification of formalities simplification of legislation simulation Singapore single document Single European Act single exchange-rate policy single market single monetary policy single parent single payment scheme single-family housing Sint Maarten siting of power stations size of business skilled worker skimmed milk powder skimmed milk skin disease slaughter animal slaughter of animals slaughter premium slaughtered poultry slavery Slovakia Slovenia sluice-gate price small and medium industries small and medium-sized enterprises small business small industry small retailer smallholding smoked product smoking social adjustment social analysis Social and structural measures social assistance social audit social behaviour social change social class social clause Social conditions social conflict social cost Social Democratic Party social development social dialogue (EU) social dialogue social dumping social economy social facilities social impact social indicator social inequality social integration social labelling Social legislation social life social mobility social movement social norm social participation social partners Social Policy Agreement (EU) social policy social problem Social provisions social rehabilitation social rights social role social sciences Social security and social assistance Social security for migrant workers Social security for workers social security legislation social security social services social situation social status social structure social survey social transfers social well-being social worker social-security benefit social-security contribution social-security harmonisation Socialist Party socially disadvantaged class sociocultural facilities sociocultural group socioeconomic conditions sociology of education sociology socioprofessional category sodium Sofia District region soft cheese soft energy soft fruit soft technology software soil analysis soil conditioning soil improvement soil pollution soil protection soil resources soil type solar architecture solar collector solar energy end-use applications solar energy sole proprietorship solidarity clause Solomon Islands solvent Somalia sorghum sound insulation sound reproduction equipment source of aid source of information source of law Sources of Community law Sources of EU law South Africa South America South Asia South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation South East (England) South Holland South Korea South Sudan South Sweden South West (England) South-East Asia South-east Slovenia South-South cooperation Southern Aegean Southern Africa Southern African Development Community Southern Bohemia Southern Europe Southern Finland Southern Moravia Southern Transdanubia soya bean oil soya bean space navigation space policy space research space science space station space technology space transport space vehicle Space, environment and natural resources space Spain spare part sparkling wine Special arrangements for second-hand goods, works of art, collectors’ items and antiques special chemicals special education Special elimination levy Special jurisdiction in case of related proceedings Special jurisdiction Special leave Special legislative acts Special measures for peas, field beans and sweet lupins special procedure Special provisions applicable to certain categories of officials Special provisions relating to criminal proceedings and to judgments given in civil matters by criminal courts Special scheme for investment gold Special scheme for small enterprises Special scheme for travel agents Special schemes Special steels special tax special-status institution specialisation agreement specialised committee Specific aid actions Specific cases of acts having adverse effect Specific cases Specific customs procedures Specific customs rules Specific ECSC measures Specific features of internal competitions specification of tariff heading spectrometry speculative funds speech speed control spirits sponsorship sport fishing sport sporting event sports body sports equipment sports facilities spot market Sri Lanka Stabex stabilisation and association agreement stability pact stability programme staff assessment Staff cases Staff covered by Article 2(c) of the Conditions of Employment of Other Servants Staff engaged for a fixed period Staff engaged for an indefinite period Staff regulations and employment conditions - EC Staff Regulations and other provisions Staff Regulations of Officials and conditions of Employment of Other Servants staff regulations Staff reports , Promotion Staff reports, promotion staff staggering of holidays stagnant water stamp duty standage standard agreement health care standard of living Standard rate of duty standard standardisation standardised accounting system standing committee (EU) standing committee Standing of victims Stara Zagora region starch START agreement start-up Starting point and calculation Starting point State aid State aids and other subsidies State aids State farm State health service State intervention State monopolies of a commercial character State monopoly state of emergency State of the proceedings permitting judgment to be given State secret State trading State stateless person Statement of reasons for the decision following the formal investigation procedure Statement of reasons Statement of the grounds on which judgments are based statistical method Statistics on external trade (Nimexe) statistics status of Jerusalem Status of official status of the person elected Statute for Members of the Parliament statutory power Stay or residence outside the competent Member State Steel industry steel stem cell sterilisation sterilised milk still wine stimulant stock exchange Stock exchanges and other securities markets stock-exchange listing stock-exchange transaction stock Stockholm stockpiling of weapons stone fruit stone storage capacity storage cost storage of food storage of hydrocarbons storage of waste storage premium storage strait strategic defence strategic nuclear weapon strategic reserves stratospheric pollutant stratospheric pollution street children strike strip structural adjustment structural expenditure structural fluctuation Structural funds Structural harmonisation Structural measures Structural policy Structural reform of agriculture - joint action structural unemployment student mobility student residence student Styria sub-Saharan Africa subcontracting Subject-matter, form of order sought and pleas in law submarine Subrogation of the Communities Subrogation of the European Union subsidiary Subsidies and aids of the High Authority subsidised housing subsistence farming subsistence level income substandard housing substitute fuel substitute product suburban area suburban transport suckler cow sucrose Sudan Sufficient compensation provided by annulment of the act sugar beet sugar cane sugar industry sugar levy sugar product sugar refining Sugar suicide Sulawesi sulphur Sumatra summarising summary procedure summertime summit meeting Sunday working sunflower seed oil sunflower superconducting alloy supermarket Supervision procedures supervisor supervisory body supervisory power supplementary aid for products supplementary budget supplementary financing supplementary income supplementary pension Supplementary protection certificate for medicinal products supplementary trade mechanism supplier Supplies and stocks supplies contract Supplies Supply agency supply and demand supply balance sheet Supply of a building or parts thereof Supply of goods or services Supply of goods Supply of human organs, blood and milk Supply of land which has not been built on Supply of services supply support mechanism support policy support price support tariff supranationality surface transport surface water surgeon surgery Surinam surname surplus stock surrogate mother surveillance concerning imports surveillance survivor's benefit Survivor's pension suspension of aid suspension of customs duties suspension of payments suspension of sentence sustainable agriculture sustainable development sustainable forest management sustainable mobility swap arrangement Swaziland Sweden sweetener swine Switzerland Syddanmark symbol of State synthetic rubber Syria syrup Sysmin System of geographical indications for spirit drinks systems interconnection table wine Taiwan Tajikistan takeover bid tanker tantalum Tanzania target price Taric tariff agreement tariff barrier tariff ceiling Tariff ceilings Tariff classification Tariff derogations tariff exemption tariff negotiations tariff nomenclature tariff policy tariff preference tariff quota Tariff quotas tariff reduction Tariff suspensions tariff zone Tariffs Tasks of the Community tax authorities tax avoidance tax collection tax convention tax debt write-off tax evasion tax exemption Tax exemptions tax harmonisation tax incentive tax inspection tax law tax offence tax on capital tax on consumption tax on employment income tax on income tax on investment income tax on profits of self-employment Tax on salaries Tax provisions tax rebate tax reform tax relief tax return tax system tax-free allowance tax Taxable amount taxable income Taxable persons Taxable transactions Taxation Taxes and charges applicable to road transport Taxes on capital and transactions in securities Taxes on the consumption of tobacco products taxi taxpayer tea teacher training teacher teaching curriculum teaching materials teaching method teaching quality teaching team work Technical and safety conditions technical barrier Technical barriers technical ceramics technical committee (EU) Technical conditions technical cooperation technical education technical profession technical regulations technical rule technical specification technical standard technological change technological independence technological process technology assessment technology park technology transfer technology telecommunications equipment telecommunications industry telecommunications policy telecommunications telematics telemedicine telephone charges telephone Teletex television equipment television teleworking telex temporary admission temporary employment agency temporary employment Temporary importation with relief from duties temporary layoff tenant farming tendering termination of a contract Termination of contract termination of employment Termination of infringements - powers of the Commission Termination of service terminology terms for aid terrestrial ecosystem territorial dispute territorial enclave territorial jurisdiction territorial law Territorial scope of the Treaties Territorial scope of the Treaty Territorial scope territorial waters terrorism tertiary sector test tube fertilisation testing textile fibre textile industry textile machine textile plant textile product Textiles texture agent Thailand The Community and its institutional structure The Community legal order the EU's international role The fundamental rights The legal order of the European Union The Near and Middle East The right to remain in a Member State upon termination of employment The rights of the child The status or legal capacity of natural persons, rights in property arising out of a matrimonial relationship and succession The term 'judgment' The various activities The various agreements concluded by the Community The various common organizations of the agricultural markets The various services The various tariff headings theft theology theory of marketing therapeutics thermal discharge thermal energy thermal equipment thermal insulation thermal pollution thermodynamics thesis Thessaly thin sheet third country third stage of EMU third-party insurance Third-party proceedings threat to national security Three-dimensional marks threshold price Thuringia Tibetan question ticket tidal energy tied sales outlet Time-limits time-sharing Timor tin tinplate and cutlery industry titanium tobacco industry tobacco Togo toilet article Tokyo Round toll Tonga tool industry torture total catch tourism policy tourism statistics Tourism tourist guide tourist infrastructure tourist profession tourist region town and country planning town planning town traffic town-country relationship town-planning profession town-planning regulations town-planning scheme town toxic substance toxicology toy industry trace element traceability tractor trade agreement (EU) trade agreement Trade arrangements trade balance trade by country trade by group of countries trade by product trade cooperation trade credit trade dispute trade event trade in organs trade information trade intermediary trade licence Trade marks trade policy trade promotion Trade protection trade regulations trade relations trade restriction trade statistics trade union confederation trade union election trade union freedom trade union rights trade union trade volume Trade with non-member countries and the general rules of the Treaty Trade with non-member countries tradeable emission permit trademark law trademark trading account trading hours trading margin trading operation trading volume traditional fishing traditional technology traffic control traffic offence traffic regulations traffic signs trafficking in persons traineeship training leave tranquiliser trans-European network Trans-European networks Transactions concerning deposit and current accounts, etc. Transactions in securities transfer of businesses transfer of competence transfer of farms Transfer of part of emoluments transfer of pension rights transfer of population transfer of prisoners transfer of property transfer pricing transfrontier pollution transfrontier transport transgenic animal transgenic plant transit charge transit transition economy Transitional arrangements for the taxation of trade between Member States in the Sixth Directive Transitional measures for the introduction of the euro transitional period (EU) Transitional period Transitional provisions Translation Centre for the Bodies of the European Union translation transliteration transmission network Transmission of judicial and extra-judicial documents transnational corporation transparency in decision-making transport accident transport authorisation transport capacity transport company transport document transport economics Transport infrastructure transport insurance transport law transport licence transport lines transport market transport network transport of animals transport of dangerous goods transport of patients transport planning transport policy transport price Transport prices and terms transport quota transport regulations transport safety transport staff transport statistics transport under customs control transport user Transport transportation tariff trauma travel agency travel traveller treasury bill Treasury Treaty of Amsterdam Treaty of Lisbon Treaty of Nice Treaty on European Union Treaty on the Functioning of the EU tree trends of opinion Trentino-Alto Adige Trinidad and Tobago tripartite conference TRIPS triticale Troika (EU) tropical agriculture tropical disease tropical forest tropical fruit tropical plant Tropical timber tropical wood tropical zone trust company trust tube tungsten Tunisia tunnel turbine Turkey Turkmenistan Turks and Caicos Islands turnout of voters Turnover tax,VAT turnover Tuscany Tuvalu twinning two-wheeled vehicle type of business type of tenure Tyrol Tyrrhenian Sea Uganda Ukraine Ulster-Donegal ultra-fine particle Umbria UN Commission UN Conference on Environment and Development UN Conference on Trade and Development UN Conference UN convention UN Development Programme UN Environment Programme UN Framework Convention on Climate Change UN General Assembly UN High Commissioner for Human Rights UN international covenant UN Population Fund UN programmes and funds UN regional commission UN resolution UN Secretariat UN Security Council UN specialised agency UN Standing Committee UN subsidiary body UN technical commission UNAIDS unanimity unauthorised dumping uncultivated land underground economy underground railway underground storage of waste underground transport undernourishment underpopulation underproduction underwater mineral resources undisclosed partnership unemployed person Unemployed persons going to another Member State Unemployed persons who, during their last employment, resided in another Member State unemployment insurance Unemployment Unesco unfair dismissal unfair terms of contract UNHCR Unicef unification of Germany Uniform laws Union delegation Union for the Mediterranean union representative Unit of account unit price United Arab Emirates United Kingdom OCT United Kingdom United Nations Charter United States universal health coverage Universal Postal Union universal service universal suffrage Universalism university library university research university unlawful agreement Unlimited jurisdiction unmarried person UNO unpaid leave unpaid work UNRWA unskilled worker unsolicited electronic advertising updating of skills Upper Austria upper class Upper Normandy Upper Norrland (Sweden) Uppsala county uranium urban area urban centre urban community urban construction urban economy urban habitat urban infrastructure urban population urban problem urban renewal urban road urban transport urbanisation Urgent preliminary ruling procedure Uruguay Round Uruguay US Virgin Islands use of aid use of languages use of outer space Use of State resources Use of the mark in a form differing from the form registered use of water used goods used oil User tariffs USSR usufruct utilised agricultural area Utrecht Uzbekistan Vacancy notice vacant seat vaccination vaccine vacuum industry validation of expenditure Valle d'Aosta Value added tax Value for customs purposes value of trade Value-added tax Values and objectives of the European Union vanadium vandalism Vanuatu Varmia-Mazuria province Varna region VAT rate VAT resource VAT veal vegetable butter vegetable fats vegetable juice vegetable oil vegetable product vegetable protein vegetable vehicle documents vehicle fleet vehicle on rails vehicle parts vehicle registration vehicle rental vehicle tax vehicle Veliko Tarnovo region Veneto Venezuela venture capital vertical agreement vessel Vested rights veterinarian veterinary drug veterinary inspection veterinary legislation veterinary medicine veterinary product veto vice-president of an institution Vice-President of the EP victim Victualling procedures video cassette video communications video disc video display unit work video surveillance Vienna Vietnam vineyard vinification violence at school violence virtual community virtual library Visa for nationals of non-member countries visa policy Visas, asylum, immigration, etc. Visegrad countries vision of Europe visual arts vitamin viticulture vocational education vocational guidance vocational retraining vocational training Vojvodina volcanic eruption volcanology voluntary military service Voluntary or optional continued insurance voluntary organisation voluntary restraint agreement voluntary restraint voluntary work Vorarlberg vote voting method Vratza region wage cost wage determination wage earner wage indexing wages for housework Wages, income and working hours Waiving of residence requirements - Reimbursement of contributions Wales Wallis and Futuna Walloon region (Belgium) war crime war damage war of independence war victim war warships wastage waste disposal waste incineration Waste management and clean technology waste management waste recycling Waste wastewater water analysis water consumption water management in agriculture water management water pollutant water pollution Water protection and management water protection water requirements water resources water supply water treatment water watercourse waterway transport wave energy waveband wealth tax weapon of mass destruction weapons' destruction web surfer weekly rest period weight and size Weightings weights and measures Welfare and social security work Welfare State welfare West Africa West African Economic and Monetary Union West Bank question West Midlands West Sweden Western Balkans Western Europe Western European Union Western Finland Western Greece Western Macedonia Western Pomerania province Western Sahara Western Transdanubia whale wheat white sugar white wine white-collar worker whole milk wholesale price wholesale selling wholesale trade wholesale trading centre widowed person wild mammal wildlife wind energy wine of superior quality wine wire withdrawal from an agreement withdrawal from the market withdrawal of candidacy withdrawal price woman farmer woman women's movement women's rights wood fibre wood for construction wood industry wood product wood production wood residue wooded area wool Word marks applied for Word marks word processing work code work contract work of art work permit work productivity work schedule work study work worker (EU) worker adaptability worker consultation worker information worker participation worker with disabilities workers' representation workers' stock ownership Workers Workers’ right to information and consultation within the undertaking working capital Working conditions working environment working life working poor working population engaged in agriculture working population working time workplace works contract works council World Bank World Customs Organisation world economy World Food Programme World Health Organisation world history World Intellectual Property Organisation world market price World Organisation for Animal Health world organisation world population world production World Trade Organisation World Trade Organization written question xenophobia yam yearbook Yemen yoghourt Yorkshire and The Humber young farmer young person young worker youth detention centre youth employment youth exchange scheme youth movement youth policy youth unemployment youth violence Yugoslavia Zambia Zasavska Zeeland Zimbabwe zinc zoo zoology zoonosis zootechnics

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